It’s a dog’s life in Japan


Alternatively subtitled “Over half of single Japanese sleep with their dogs”, but that sort of headline has got me into trouble before! When Yahoo! Japan Value Insight took a look at dog ownership, they found out that and many other interesting facts.


Between the 25th and 27th of June 2010 560 members of the Yahoo! monitor group living in Tokyo or the three surrounding prefectures with only one dog completed a private internet-based questionnaire. There were 100 of both men and women who were married with children, 68 men and 100 women married with no children, and 92 men and 100 women unmarried and living alone. The ages of each sub-group ranged from 20 to 59 years old. There was also another 100 of both men and women unmarried but living at home, but their answers were not reported.

I’m a cat person myself with a mild dog phobia, so I cannot but be amazed at the stupidity of the owners. On the other hand if it were felines, I would fully accept the results as a balanced representation of the respect humans have for their cat masters!

Hanshin Tigers and beer dogs

Photo from Chi (in Japan) on flickr.

Research results

Q1: About how much per month do you spend on your pet? Average out irregular events like grooming, trimming, pet hotel, etc. (Sample size=560, multiple answer)

 Married with children
Married, no children
Unmarried, living alone
Total15,016 yen16,303 yen16,060 yen
Pet food, snacks, drinks, etc4,892 yen4,602 yen5,002 yen
Bed, mat, toilet, etc1,921 yen1,624 yen1,951 yen
Clothes, collar, lead, toys, etc1,134 yen1,063 yen1,289 yen
Education, training, obedience, etc408 yen145 yen296 yen
Insurance, vet fees, nursing care3,768 yen4,707 yen4,439 yen
Grooming, trimming, etc1,545 yen1,990 yen1,517 yen
Pet hotel580 yen746 yen654 yen
Travel768 yen1,425 yen912 yen

Q2: About how long per week do you spend on the following? (Sample size=560, multiple answer)

 Married with children
Married, no children
Unmarried, living alone
Total9.5 hours10.7 hours10.8 hours
Walkies4.6 hours5.0 hours4.3 hours
Playing, training, obedience at home3.4 hours4.3 hours4.6 hours
Brushing, other care1.5 hours1.4 hours1.9 hours

Q3: About how long per week would you want to spend on the following? (Sample size=560, multiple answer)

 Married with children
Married, no children
Unmarried, living alone
Total13.3 hours13.8 hours15.6 hours
Walkies6.0 hours6.0 hours6.0 hours
Playing, training, obedience at home4.9 hours5.7 hours7.0 hours
Brushing, other care2.3 hours2.2 hours2.6 hours

Q4: Which of the following statements do you agree with? (Sample size=560, multiple answer)

 Married with children
Married, no children
Unmarried, living alone
I choose a home with facilities for dogs56.0%54.8%69.8%
I live in an area with parks, dog runs close at hand53.5%59.5%66.7%
I try to get home early for my dog63.5%75.0%77.1%
Regardless of how unwell I might feel I always take the dog for walkies50.5%51.2%56.3%
Spending time with my dog is more important that going to the pub, other socialising42.5%64.9%66.7%
I’m most happy when playing with my dog63.5%77.4%75.0%
I feel like a doting parent and spoil my dog51.0%68.5%65.1%
I never fail to celebrate my dog’s birthday41.5%62.5%60.4%
I sleep with my dog38.0%49.4%54.2%
I bath with my dog24.0%19.0%37.5%
I buy lots of toys for my dog30.0%36.9%44.8%
I keep up with the trends in dog clothes, accessories25.5%20.8%31.8%
I choose a dog lover as a boyfriend, husband58.5%70.8%77.1%
I’ve got lots of friends I met through my dog42.0%50.0%49.5%
I regularly buy dog magazines25.0%22.6%32.8%
I have or participate in a doggie blog, SNS community, web site, etc22.0%29.8%37.5%
I take lots of photos, videos of my dog50.5%53.0%62.5%
I organise my dog photos, videos into albums48.0%51.8%54.7%
My mobile phone wallpaper is my dog’s photo43.5%58.3%51.6%
I’ve got photos of my dog on display everywhere32.0%44.1%45.3%
I use my dog’s photo in New Year postcards32.0%44.0%35.9%
I submit my dog photos, videos to magazines, television programs, etc19.5%18.5%28.6%
My dog is registered with an animal model agency14.0%11.9%19.3%
If my dog gets sick, injured my top priority is to get him to the vets81.5%92.3%87.0%
I take my dog for regular health checks68.0%80.4%75.5%
I put the air conditioning on when I leave my dog at home48.5%63.7%62.5%
I have pet insurance30.0%26.2%37.0%
I give my dog supplements26.5%34.5%38.5%
When I leave my dog at home I watch him via a web camera15.5%10.7%22.4%
If I have to put my dog into boarding kennels, I spare little expense to choose the best56.5%67.9%70.3%
When going on trips I choose hotels that welcome dogs44.0%54.2%50.5%
When going shopping I choose shops that welcome dogs27.0%33.9%41.1%
When going to cafe, restaurant I choose places that welcome dogs26.5%34.5%47.4%
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