Twitter Japan statistics: one in three tweeting daily, two-thirds joined this year


When did you start using Twitter? graph of japanese statisticsI’ve read a few recent news stories stating rather high user levels for Twitter in Japan that I did find quite difficult to believe, but here is a report from on a survey by Point On Research into Twitter usage that backs up the data, although note that this survey is of mobile phone users with unlimited data plans.


On the 22nd of June 2010 800 heavy users of mobile phones completed a mobile phone-based questionnaire. The sample was 50:50 male and female, 25.0% in their teens, 25.0% in their twenties, 25.0% in their thirties, and 25.0% in their forties.

Note that the figures given here for usage patterns are comparable with a US-based analysis of Twitter data from last year.

As I hope you have noticed on my sidebar I’m on Twitter. I’ve tried using it from my mobile phone, but it costs me a little over 100 yen just to load a single page! I do one auto-post per day through my blog, then an occasional manual tweet. I think that as I’m an irregular tweeter replies too are rather irregular.

Finally, at least one candidate in the upcoming election is using Twitter (or should that be Barker?):

Research results

Q1: Do you use Twitter? (Sample size=800)

Yes (to SQs)28.3%
Don’t know what it is9.1%

Note that the “No” answer includes ex-users and those who have just heard the name.

Q1SQ1: How many people do you follow? (Sample size=226)

One to nine39.4%
Ten to forty-nine21.7%
Fifty to ninety-nine10.2%
100 to 4995.8%
500 to 9990.9%
1,000 or more1.3%

Q1SQ2: How many followers do you have? (Sample size=226)

One to nine41.6%
Ten to forty-nine17.7%
Fifty to ninety-nine5.8%
100 to 4997.1%
500 to 9990.4%
1,000 or more1.3%

Q1SQ3: When did you start using Twitter? (Sample size=226)

January to June 20093.5%
July to December 200923.0%
January to June 201065.0%
Don’t remember4.9%

Q1SQ4: About how often do you Tweet? (Sample size=226)

Several times a day26.5%
Once a day7.5%
Several times a week17.7%
Once a week10.2%
Once a month15.9%
Once every six months7.1%
Once a year15.0%

Q1SQ5: How do you access Twitter? (Sample size=226, multiple answer)

Mobile phone (excluding smartphone)19686.7%
Computer (desktop or laptop)16874.3%
Smartphone (iPhone, etc)146.2%
Tablet computer (iPad, etc)52.2%

Furthermore, 59.7% mostly accessed Twitter from mobile phones, 35.0% from computers, and 4.0% from smartphones.

Q1SQ6: Have you ever used USTREAM? (Sample size=226)

Have broadcast2.2%
Have viewed only23.5%
Don’t know what it is48.7%

USTREAM is a live video streaming service with heavy Japanese backing.

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