Dating parties with your iPhone in Japan


Anyone bringing out an iPhone or, heaven forfend, an iPad at a gokon dating party would get nothing but ridicule (or a punch in the iGob, if I was feeling generous) from me, but regardless, this survey from goo Ranking and probably sponsored by Apple looked at the top twenty dating party applications for the iPhone


Between the 21st and 24th of May 2010 perhaps around 1,100 members of the goo Research online monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. Unfortunately, the link to the demographics is broken, so I cannot give any more information that that right now. Note that the score in the results refers to the relative number of votes for each option, not a percentage of the total sample.

Quite frankly, all these games sound rather naff to me, but then again I’m not in the target audience! Have any of my readers tried out any of the below at a real party?

Ranking result

Q: What iPhone applications could you use at a gokon dating party?

RankApplicationWhat does it do?Score
1Gokon de ShuffleShuffles the seating arrangements100
2TouchScanTwo of you touch the screen and your compatibility is diagnosed94.6
3Love TouchTwo of you touch the screen and your compatibility is diagnosed77.7
4Cyclo TalkRoll a die where each face has a topic of conversation65.7
5Kings Game DeluxeThis seems to be a card-based drinking game in the west, but it seems more like a Truth or Dare in Japan62.0
62-shot Compatibility DiagnosisTake a photo of a couple, and get a diagnosis42.2
7BumpExchange mail addresses by bumping iPhones together33.1
8Who pushed it!?Recreate a segment on a long-running variety show31.9
9MuchaburiI’m not really sure what it means, but here’s an episode from a program of the same name that seems to involve curry rice and bicycles. However the software seems to be penalty games dares, mostly27.7
10feelingEveryone enters their preferences in the opposite sex and they get paired off. I cannot find a link to it, however.27.1
11Furu Furu PockySelect a virtual Pocky and the person with the strawberry/pink one wins27.1
1260 second penalty game rouletteRoulette to select who gets what dare to do26.5
13HourfaceAge a photo of a face or make it young again23.5
14Penalty gameChoose the dare22.3
15FeelingPartyRecreate a TV dating game on your iPhone22.3
16All times and placesTrivia game with voice recognition for questions like “Name the 12 signs of the zodiac”20.5
17Battle Power CheckerTakes your photo and checks your Battle Power in a Dragonballs-like fashion19.3
18Quick-press quiz kitQuiz show-like buttons to test if people are quick on the draw18.7
19Spirit cameraTake photos of your ghoulies18.1
20MosquiToneCheck out the age of your ears with high-frequency sound16.9
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