Here’s a good one from goo Ranking, a look at what questions from women men just cannot answer directly.


Between the 23rd and 25th of March 2010 1,128 members of the goo Research monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 50.5% of the sample were female, 15.1% in their teens, 16.9% in their twenties, 28.8% in their thirties, 21.1% in their forties, 9.4% in their fifties, and 8.7% aged sixty or older. Note that the score in the results refers to the relative number of votes for each option, not a percentage of the total sample.

I’m having a lot of fun translating this one – not that I get asked any of the questions (liar! – ed.), just that I can understand the feeling when people get asked them!

Ranking result

Q: What questions from women can you just not answer directly? (Sample size=558, male)

Rank   Score
1 How old do I look? 100
2 Haven’t I got a bit fat recently? 66.4
3 Who’s cuter, me or her? 61.1
4 You’ve been playing around, haven’t you? 44.7
5 Whose cooking do you prefer, your mother’s or mine? 43.8
6 What did you like about your ex? 39.4
7 Who are you thinking about right now? 36.3
8 Who’s the cutest girl in the office, class? 34.1
9 How many girls have you gone out with before me? 33.6
10= What do you like about me? 33.2
10= Do these clothes suit me? 33.2
12 What famous person do I look like? 32.7
13 Did you notice I changed my hairstyle? 32.3
14 How cute am I today? 31.9
15= Up to how old a woman would you fancy? 31.0
15= How much do you think this cost? (Clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, etc) 31.0
17 With or without makeup, which do you prefer? 30.1
18 From how young a woman would you fancy? 28.3
19 Girls who can drink aren’t cute, are they? 19.5
20 Which famous woman do you fancy? 14.2


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