Do you know what 'Ustream' is? graph of japanese statisticsI can’t say that I’d heard of the subject of this survey from iBridge Research Plus and reported on by into Ustream, a video sharing site which seems to have an emphasis toward live streaming via mobile phones.


On the 29th of March 2010 300 members of the iBridge monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. The sex split was not noted, but 12.3% of the sample were in their twenties, 38.0% in their thirties, 19.7% in their forties, 23.0% in their fifties, and 7.0% in their sixties.

It’s a video sharing site, so hopefully I can find a cute kitty to embed in this post – yes, here we go:

Live Videos by Ustream

Hopefully kitty is still streaming when I publish!

Research results

Q1: Do you know what “Ustream” is? (Sample size=300)

Yes, know in detail (to SQ) 1.3%
Yes, know it vaguely (to SQ) 6.3%
No, don’t know it 92.3%

Q1SQ: Have you ever visited the Ustream site? (Sample size=23)

Yes 39.1%
No 60.9%

Combining the two we get:

Q1+Q1SQ: Have you ever visited the Ustream site? (Sample size=300)

Yes 3.0%
No 4.7%
Don’t know it 92.3%

Q2: Have you ever visited any other video sharing site? (Sample size=300)

Yes 38.0%
No 62.0%


shibuya246 · April 16, 2010 at 11:53

Softbank just bought a stake in ustream. ( I think with warrants etc the stake can go up to 30% of the company). This is probably why surveys are out at the moment in Japan regarding this service.

Since ustream released an application for the iphone, usage has increased dramatically. Since Softbank has the iPhone for Japan they probably caught onto the idea and are going to run with it.

    Ken Y-N · April 16, 2010 at 23:52

    Cheers shibuya246, I knew there had to be a good reason for this survey suddenly appearing!

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