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The Cabinet Office Japan recently published the results of their survey into physical strength and sports amongst the Japanese population.


Between the 24th of September and the 4th of October 2009 3,000 adults randomly selected from population rolls from all over the country were approached for face-to-face interviews. Of the 3,000, 1,925 people, or 64.2%, were able and willing to take part in the survey. The main reasons for not taking part were refusal and not being in when the inverviewer visited. 54.2% of the sample were female, 9.2% in their twenties, 15.0% in their thirties, 17.4% in their forties, 19.6% in their fifties, 22.5% in their sixties, and 16.3% aged seventy or older.

I find it curious that many people think that kids today have a worse sport and play environment than when they were kids. I can understand about the lack of empty spaces (although I would have thought that parental paranoia about kids in empty spaces would have been more of a factor), but having less time to play is perhaps the fault of the parents and schools, a mixture of parents sending their kids to cram schools and schools and their after-school club activities.

Research results

Q9: Compared to when you were a child, how do you feel today’s children’s sporting environment and outdoor play areas have changed? (Sample size=1,925)

Become better 10.2%
Perhaps become better 12.9%
Not changed 7.5%
Perhaps become worse (to SQ) 42.2%
Become worse (to SQ) 24.2%
Don’t know 3.0%

Q9SQ: What do you feel has become worse? (Sample size=1,278, multiple answer)

There are less empty spaces, quiet streets for them to play 75.7%
There is less time for sport and play 51.7%
There are less friends for them to play with 49.1%
There are less opportunities for parents and child to get interested in sports 20.1%
There are less sporting facilities for them to use freely 14.7%
There are less local sports instructors 9.2%
Other 4.1%
Don’t know 0.6%

Q10: If there was a club for sports you like, would you want to participate in it? (Sample size=1,925)

Already participating (to SQ1, SQ2, SQ3) 16.2%
Would want to participate (to SQ4, SQ5) 38.3%
Wouldn’t want to participate 44.3%
Don’t know 1.2%

Q10SQ1: What kinds of clubs do you participate in? (Sample size=312, multiple answer)

Local town, village-based clubs 46.5%
Member-only clubs at private sporting facilities 27.9%
Workplace clubs 15.7%
Prefecture-based clubs 14.4%
School clubs 8.0%
Other 3.8%
Don’t know 0.3%

Q10SQ2: What kinds of sports or activities do you do at these clubs? (Sample size=312, multiple answer)

Physical exercises (including workplace exercises, aerobics, jump rope, etc) 18.9%
Golf 15.7%
Tennis, soft tennis, badminton, table tennis 13.8%
Baseball, softball 13.8%
Walking 13.1%
Swimming 12.2%
Volleyball, basketball 10.3%
Exercise using indoor equipment 9.6%
Dance 8.3%
Gateball, ground golf 5.4%
Football, futsal 5.1%
Bowling 4.5%
Running, jogging 4.5%
Judo, kendo, karate, sumo, boxing, wrestling 3.5%
Mountaineering, climbing 2.9%
Hiking, wandervogel, orienteering 1.6%
Boating, yachting, sailing, snorkelling, scuba diving, canoeing, jetbiking, surfing, fishing 1.6%
Archery 1.6%
Skiing, snowboard 1.3%
Cycling, motorcycling 1.0%
Catchball, dodgeball 1.0%
Camping, caravanning 0.3%
Athletics 0.3%
Gliding, hanggliding, skydiving, paragliding 0.0%
Skating 0.0%
Other 7.7%
Don’t know 0.0%

Q10SQ3: What was the motivation behind joining these clubs? (Sample size=312, multiple answer)

For health, physical strength 56.1%
For friendship, to make friends 47.1%
Could do sports activities I like 39.1%
Could interact socially with local people 30.1%
Could continue to do the sport 30.1%
There are instructors 17.9%
Could get priority use of the facilities 12.5%
Could master techniques 11.5%
The facilities were fully equipped 10.6%
Could participate with children, parents, family 6.4%
Other 3.5%
No particular reason 0.6%
Don’t know 0.3%

Q10SQ4: What kinds of clubs would you want to participate in? (Sample size=738, multiple answer)

Local town, village-based clubs 61.4%
Member-only clubs at private sporting facilities 29.7%
Workplace clubs 18.0%
Prefecture-based clubs 16.9%
School clubs 6.8%
Other 1.2%
Don’t know 1.8%

Q10SQ5: What kinds of sports or activities would you like to do at these clubs? (Sample size=738, multiple answer)

Physical exercises (including workplace exercises, aerobics, jump rope, etc) 27.2%
Walking 24.8%
Swimming 21.7%
Tennis, soft tennis, badminton, table tennis 20.3%
Dance 16.8%
Exercise using indoor equipment 12.1%
Baseball, softball 11.1%
Golf 10.7%
Volleyball, basketball 10.4%
Mountaineering, climbing 8.5%
Skiing, snowboard 7.9%
Bowling 7.7%
Running, jogging 7.5%
Hiking, wandervogel, orienteering 7.2%
Boating, yachting, sailing, snorkelling, scuba diving, canoeing, jetbiking, surfing, fishing 6.2%
Football, futsal 6.2%
Gateball, ground golf 4.7%
Cycling, motorcycling 4.2%
Catchball, dodgeball 4.1%
Camping, caravanning 3.9%
Judo, kendo, karate, sumo, boxing, wrestling 3.8%
Archery 2.3%
Athletics 1.2%
Gliding, hanggliding, skydiving, paragliding 0.8%
Skating 0.7%
Other 2.2%
Don’t know 2.0%

Q11: What sorts of effects do you expect from regional sports promotion? (Sample size=1,925, multiple answer)

Giving old folk something to live for 42.2%
Creation, enlivening of the local community 37.1%
Interaction between children, parents, family 32.1%
Building physical strength in children 32.1%
Effective use of free time 28.3%
Promotion of intergenerational interaction 22.0%
Effective use of sports facilities 20.7%
Sound upbringing of youth 20.4%
Improving the average health of the area 14.7%
Other 0.2%
Nothing in particular 10.5%
Don’t know 1.0%

Q12: Are you interested in the performance of Japanese athletes at international competitions such as the Olympics, football, tennis, etc? (Sample size=1,925)

Very interested 41.6%
Somewhat interested 45.1%
Not really interested 9.9%
Not interested at all 3.3%
Don’t know 0.1%

Q13: In order for Japanese athletes to succeed at the Olympics and other international competitions what kinds of public support are needed? (Sample size=1,925, multiple answer)

Financial support for athlete training, overseas tours, etc 51.9%
Provide national training centres and other government facilities 48.9%
Plan for training trainers, coaches, other instructors 42.3%
Sufficent awards, pensions for successful athletes 32.5%
Plan for sufficient research into scientific training methods, etc 28.5%
Public support is not needed 4.3%
Other 0.1%
Don’t know 7.6%

Q14: Would you like to see Japan host the Olympics or other international sporting events? (Sample size=1,925)

Would want to 55.2%
Perhaps would want to 34.2%
Perhaps would not want to 5.3%
Would not want to 1.8%
Don’t know 3.5%

Q15: In order to promote sports more, what would you like to see national or local govenment put effort into in the future? (Sample size=1,925, multiple answer)

Development and diffusion of age-appropriate sports 37.2%
Train sports instructors 35.3%
Maintain physical education facilities at schools 33.4%
Hold events, competitions, education for each kind of sport 32.5%
Form local clubs 29.3%
Maintain outdoor sports facilities 24.8%
Support for sports volunteers 23.1%
Establishment of sport, physical strength consultation system for public sports facilities 20.9%
Sports promotional activity 19.7%
Promotion of sports-related international exchange 16.6%
Maintain indoor sports facilities 13.1%
Promotion of sports-related scientific research 12.6%
Other 0.9%
Nothing in particular 5.0%
Don’t know 4.7%

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