Four in five start PC sessions with email


How often do you tidy up your browser bookmarks? graph of japanese statisticsHaving looked earlier in the week at how people use their PCs in the morning, this time we look with RealWorld RealResearch and at web site viewing habits at home.


Over the 27th and 28th of October 2009 1,012 members of the RealWorld RealResearch monitor group successfully completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 64.0% of the sample were male, 6.0% in their teens, 9.5% in their twenties, 10.3% in their thirties, 40.9% in their forties, 18.5% in their fifties, and 14.8% aged sixty or older. That does seem a bit of curiously top-heavy demographic.

When I start up my PC the first thing I do is launch my mail clients (yes, I run two clients to keep my blogging world separate from my family) and my browser, hit the mail check buttons then minimise the mail clients, so end up viewing the browser first, which starts up with the Opera speed dial page, technically, I suppose, a blank page.

I don’t bookmark many sites, but my wife has hundreds of the things which slow down Internet Explorer something rotten, taking over 10 seconds to open a page. I should teach her about sub-folders for bookmarks, but I really haven’t got the energy.

Research results

Q1: What is the first thing you do after switching on your home computer? (Sample size=1,012)

Email check79.5%
View web site16.9%
Instant messenger0.4%
RSS reader check0.4%
Don’t have a personal-use computer0.9%
Don’t have any computer at home0.1%

The next question excluded the 12 people above who didn’t have their own computer.

Q2: What start page do you have set on your browser? (Sample size=1,000)

Blank page10.4%
Yahoo! or other portal77.3%
Ordinary site4.7%
News site3.2%
Own web site, blog, bulletin board1.5%
Shopping site1.0%
Auction site0.7%
Ordinary blog0.4%
Family, friend’s web site, blog, bulletin board0.3%
2ch bulletin board0.3%
Ordinary bulletin board0.0%
Movie sharing site0.0%
Don’t know0.1%

The next question appears to omit 71 people who didn’t use bookmarks or even didn’t use a browser at all. Although if there were non-browser users, wouldn’t Q2 have picked them up?

Q3: How often do you tidy up your browser favourites, bookmarks, etc? (Sample size=929)

Don’t know0.1%
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