How did you obtain your current mobile phone wallpaper? graph of japanese statisticsMost mobile phones in Japan these days support not just static wallpaper, but also Flash-based animations, although the report by on this survey from Point On Research into mobile phone wallpaper didn’t actually give any information on the uses of such animations, as the focus was on still pictures.


On the 29th of September 2009 exactly 800 members of the Point On research monitor group completed a private mobile phone-based questionnaire. The sample was exactly 50:50 male and female, 25.0% in their teens, 25.0% in their twenties, 25.0% in their thirties, and 25.0% in their forties.

Q1 indicates a very curious demographic; the usual percentages for au and SoftBank are about 30% and 20%, but here we have a huge variation. Does their questionnaire web site not correctly operate on many SoftBank phones? Did SoftBank fail to deliver the request to participate in the survey?

Research results

Q1: Which mobile carrier do you use? (Sample size=800)

NTT docomo 47.6%
au by KDDI 44.1%
SoftBank 8.0%
Other 0.2%

Next, 579 people, or 72.4% said that they had a still image as their wallpaper. The remaining 27.6% would be split between people with animations, blank screens, phones with no support and don’t knows, but the percentages of these groups was not reported. The 579 with still images answered the following.

Q2: How did you obtain your current wallpaper? (Sample size=579)

Supplied with the phone 20.0%
Downloaded from a web site 50.8%
Photographed with my mobile phone 19.7%
Other 9.5%

Q3: What sort of image is your current wallpaper? (Sample size=579)

Character 20.2%
Famous person 15.5%
Clock, calendar 13.8%
Friends, family 10.14%
Scenery 9.3%
Art 7.9%
Animal 7.3%
Sport-related 2.0%
Vehicle 1.9%
Game 0.0%
Other 12.0%

Now, all 800 were asked this question, regardless of whether it was still or animated wallpaper they had.

Q4: About how often do you change your wallpaper? (Sample size=800)

Every day 2.3%
Two or three times a week 1.1%
Once a week 1.6%
Once a month 14.8%
Once every six months 10.3%
Once a year 4.5%
Less than that 13.1%
Whenever I feel inclined 52.4%

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