You might be a trainspotter if…


Two for the price of one tonight, with goo Ranking looking this time at what tips you off to someone being a railway fan.


Between the 21st and 24th of July 2009 1,026 members of the goo Research monitor group completed a private online questionnaire. 48.2% of the sample were male, 8.0% in their teens, 14.6% in their twenties, 28.8% in their thirties, 26.0% in their forties, 12.5% in their fifties, and 10.1% aged sixty or older. Note that the score in the results refers to the relative number of votes for each option, not a percentage of the total sample. Note that today’s question is for the men only.

As it’s a while since I’ve tried to sell you mobile phone straps please allow me this indulgence of a high-tech demo of a train leaving Tokyo station:

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Ranking results

Q: What moment makes you think someone might be a train fanatic? (Sample size=1,026)

Rank Score
1They know all about train carriages100
2They can tell you the station by just hearing the train arrival melody89.4
3Thd>They have all the changing train information committed to memory88.8
4They have a model train set at home80.0
5They have a train timetable in their bag79.1
6Their holiday objectives are to ride trains75.1
7They’ve sat the Timetable Searching Profiency Exam74.8
8They collect tickets, station stamps73.7
9They have a vast storehouse of knowledge regarding station names73.3
10They can repeat platform annoucements, in-train announcements65.8
11They’ve been to a train museum many times65.4
12Their mobile phone ring tone is a train departure tune55.7
13They have a CD of train departure tunes54.8
14They know all about station lunch boxes from all over the country52.4
15Their mobile phone wallpaper is a photo of a train48.1
16They know all about sleeper trains47.2
17Their hobby is visiting disused railway lines42.9
18They ride in the front carriage and watch the driver42.5
19For domestic holidays they use trains rather than aeroplanes36.4
20Their mobile phone strap is a station nameplate or a train head mark34.8
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