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How thick do you think your beard is? graph of japanese statisticsWith Father’s Day being next weekend, here’s a timely look with DIMSDRIVE Research at a popular gift for this time of year, electric razors.


Between the 13th and 28th or May 2009 9,897 members of the DIMSDRIVE monitor group successfully completed a private online questionnaire. 50.3% of the sample were male, 1.0% in their teens, 13.0% in their twenties, 34.4% in their thirties, 30.3% in their forties, 15.1% in their fifties, and 6.2% aged sixty or older. 63.5% of the sample were married, although I don’t know if that has any significance towards the results.

Both my electric shavers have been presents from the wife. The first was a rather naff Hitachi single-headed alkali battery-operated one that required me to use a razor once a week or more to catch all the bits that it missed, and my current Braun was free via credit card mileage points. I use shaving gel to set up my skin, and barring quite poor performance around the Adam’s apple area, I’m quite happy.

You’ll note that there is no question “do you have a beard, thus no need to shave?”, or even asking how the beard trimming features of the shaver is.

Research results

Q1: How thick do you think your beard is? (Sample size=4,977, men)

Rather thick10.3%
A little thick24.2%
About average41.1%
A little thin17.0%
Rather thin7.0%
Don’t want to answer0.4%

Q2: About how often do you shave with the following implements? (Sample size=4,977, men)

 RazorElectric shaver
Twice a day or more0.9%1.9%
Once a day24.0%38.9%
Five times a week8.0%8.5%
Twice or thrice a week15.9%10.5%
Once a week9.2%4.5%
Less than once a week15.0%9.5%
Don’t use one at all27.0%26.2%

The above table is a bit difficult to interpret without absolute values of those who don’t use razors at all, etc. However, the next question implies that there are 68 men, or 1.4%, who do not usually shave, although whether that is due to having a beard or not having facial hair is not clear.

Q3: What problems do you have when shaving? (Sample size=4,909, regular shavers, multiple answer)

Left-over unshaved bits46.0%
Razor abrasions25.7%
Evening stubble even after shaving in the morning23.4%
Tingly skin after shaving22.9%
Unskilled at shavings19.1%
Razor cuts18.6%
Thick stubble15.4%
Difficult to shave morning stubble13.5%
Dry skin11.9%
Can’t find an electric shaver that suits me6.5%
Can’t find a razor that suits me3.6%
Nothing in partcular21.6%

Q4: Which maker’s electric shaver do you mainly use? (Sample size=3,198, electric shaver users)

Panasonic (National)36.1%

Q5: How many blades does this shaver have? (Sample size=3,198, electric shaver users)

Single blade13.3%
Double blade33.4%
Triple blade30.9%
Four blade3.5%
Don’t know18.9%

There was a significant trend towards more blades for those with thicker beards.

Q6: How much did that shaver cost? (Sample size=3,198, electric shaver users)

Under 5,000 yen21.7%
5,000 to 9,999 yen30.9%
10,000 to 14,999 yen16.6%
15,000 to 19,999 yen7.8%
20,000 to 29,999 yen6.4%
30,000 yen or more2.0%
Bought myself, but forgot the price6.6%
Didn’t buy it myself8.0%

The thicker the beard, the more people spent on their shavers.

Q7: Which points did you refer to when selecting that shaver? (Sample size=3,198, electric shaver users who bought their own shaver, multiple answer)

Maker, brand36.0%
Water washable28.9%
Good cutting blade feel14.2%
Number of blades12.2%
Can give a close shave11.3%
Blade drive type (rotary or vibrating head, etc)10.8%
Easy to clean9.9%
Shop staff recommendation8.7%
Design, shape8.4%
Automatic washing function8.0%
Doesn’t leave behind unsaved patches6.7%
Latest features6.6%
Kind on skin, no tingly sensation6.0%
Battery life5.2%
Hugs the skin5.0%
Easy to shave morning stubble3.6%
Nothing in particular10.0%

By maker, Sanyo was most often chosen on price (and price alone!), Braun on brand, and Panasonic on water washability. Phillips score well for blade drive type, gentleness on skin, and face-hugging ability. Hitachi had no stand-out features.

Q8: How satisfied are you with your shaver? (Sample size=3,198, electric shaver users who bought their own shaver, by manufacturer)

 Totally satisfiedSomewhat satisfiedCan’t say either waySomewhat dissatisfiedTotally dissatisfied

There was also a definite increase in satisfaction according to price paid, from just 36.0% of those having paid under 5,000 yen to 73.4% of those paying 30,000 yen or more. Those who hadn’t bought it themselves, or those who had forgotton how much they paid were both around 45% satisfaction.

Q9: Have you ever bought an electric shaver as a present for your husband, father? (Sample size=4,920, female)

Yes, on Father’s Day19.1%
Yes, but on a different day13.5%
No, never67.4%

Q10: How did you select the electric shaver you bought as a present? Choose the single most appropriate answer. (Sample size=1,605, those buying a shaver as a present)

Just chose whatever19.8%
We chose it together18.2%
Chose the one recommended by staff15.9%
Chose the one with lots of features10.3%
Chose the one he asked for9.5%
Chose the one with the latest features8.9%
Chose the expensive one1.9%
Don’t remember12.8%
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  1. Janne said,
    June 16, 2009 @ 13:46

    If you have a beard, don’t use an electric shaver or a hair trimmer. Get a real beard trimmer; it’s like night and day. The shaver trimming thing is completely inadequate, and hair trimmers can’t really cope with the thicker, shorter beard bristles that find themselves into the mechanics. I’ve had my beard trimmer (a Braun) for eleven years now, and it’s still going strong.

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