Why Japanese are negative regarding love


It’s Sunday, so it must be goo Ranking day! This time they took a look at why people tend to be negative in matters regarding love, with separate rankings for both men and women.


Between the 21st and 24th of April 2009 1,071 members of the goo Research monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 51.4% of the sample were female, 9.2% were in their teens, 13.7% in their twenties, 27.5% in their thirties, 27.5% in their forties, 11.7% in their fifties, and 10.4% aged sixty or older.

I’d have thought for men that number 7=, going out is too much bother, would be more highly ranked, as I feel a lot of Japanese women are high-maintenance.

Ranking result

Q: Why can’t you be proactive in love? (Sample size=520, male)

Rank Score
1I’ve no self-confidence100
2It’s more fun being single93.5
3=I’m afraid of getting hurt69.6
3=I’m not a good talker69.6
5My ideals are too high63.0
6There’s no girls that match my type60.9
7=I’m scared of commitment54.3
7=It’s bothersome to be going out with someone54.3
9I just can’t attract the right woman52.2
10My salary is low50.0
11I’m busy at work37.0
12It’s bothersome making an approach34.8
13I’m the sort who’d rather be asked than ask32.6
14It’s more fun being with my friends30.4
15I’m not interested in getting married28.3
16I’m a perfectionist23.9
17=I’m never experienced love19.6
17=I can’t forget my ex19.6
19=We’d just break up17.4
19=Love doesn’t have a good image17.4

Q: Why can’t you be proactive in love? (Sample size=551, female)

Rank Score
1=I’ve no self-confidence100
1=There’s no guys that match my type100
3It’s more fun being single97.3
4I just can’t attract the right man94.6
5I’m scared of commitment78.4
6It’s bothersome to be going out with someone75.7
7I’m afraid of getting hurt70.3
8My ideals are too high59.5
9=I’m the sort who’d rather be asked than ask56.8
9=It’s more fun being with my friends56.8
11I’m not a good talker48.6
12My hobbies are more important than love45.9
13It’s more fun just being friends35.1
14I’m not interested in getting married29.7
15It’s bothersome making an approach27.0
16I’m busy at work21.6
17Love doesn’t have a good image18.9
18=My salary is low13.5
18=We’d just break up13.5
20Work is enjoyable10.8
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  1. Jessica said,
    June 15, 2009 @ 08:05

    Wow that’s very surprising to me @_@

  2. June 15, 2009 @ 11:30

    What I find surprising is that salary concerns don’t rate very highly with either sex. With men I would have expected it to be a little higher, in that they might be concerned about the cost of wining and dining a potential partner. For women, spending money on looking good for a potential suitor isn’t as important as I would have first thought.

    Speaking from personal experience, I spent more on dinners and travel before marriage and now that my wife controls the purse strings (she’s Japanese), I’ve never been so frugal. There is a financial benefit to being partnered, but this seems to be lost on the respondents to this survey.

    Perhaps it is found in item 7= for men and 6 for women, that relationships are “bothersome”. Interesting snapshot.

  3. Gogo said,
    September 6, 2009 @ 22:26

    As feminism evil from the west begin to exerts its power on the east side, we may begin to see more and more “Love doesn’t have a good image” popping up here and there.
    Only time will tell.

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