This survey from MyVoice into corporate sports looked at the issue of companies funding their own teams that, on the whole, compete in corporate leagues filled with lots of other company-funded teams.


Over the first five days of May 2009 14,884 members of the MyVoice internet community successfully completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 54% of the sample were female, 2% in their teens, 14% in their twenties, 34% in their thirties, 31% in their forties, and 19% aged fifty or older.

There’s a lot of corporate teams in Japan where the sportspeople are employed full-time by the company to be representatives, although the current harsh economic times has seen the death of the amuzingly-named Seibu Prince Rabbits.

My employer also has such teams, with basketball being the main sport that I can think of.

Research results

Q1: Thinking about corporate sports, what sports come to mind? (Sample size=14,884, multiple answer)

Volleyball 70.6%
Baseball 50.0%
Rugby 38.7%
Basketball 36.8%
Athletics 33.5%
Ice hockey 26.9%
Football 22.9%
Judo 19.6%
Badminton 19.1%
Softball 18.1%
Ski jumping 16.7%
American football 15.6%
Handball 14.3%
Table tennis 13.8%
Hockey 9.5%
Speed skating 9.4%
Gymnastics 7.4%
Tennis 5.7%
Wrestling 5.0%
Curling 2.9%
Snowboarding 1.9%
Boxing 1.2%
Other 2.0%
Nothing comes to mind 9.1%

Q2: What effects on society do you think corporate sports have? (Sample size=14,884, multiple answer)

Contributes towards fostering of Japanese international representitives 37.6%
Contributes towards regional society 35.2%
Contributes towards promotion of regional sports 31.9%
Contributes towards promotion of national sports 28.0%
Contributes towards improving regional image 24.2%
Benefits the regional economy around the corporate location 21.2%
Increases the feeling of regional unity 16.1%
Can be proud of sportspeople competing internationally 14.7%
Contributes towards health promotion of citizens in the regions 6.1%
Deepens international exchange 4.5%
Has other positive effects 12.9%
Has a negative effect on employment 1.0%
Has a negative effect on the economy 0.8%
Has other negative effects 0.8%
Has nothing positive nor negative 5.1%
Don’t know 15.8%
No answer 0.4%

Q3: What effects on the corporation itself do you think corporate sports have? (Sample size=14,884, multiple answer)

Creates awareness of the company name 75.7%
Creates goodwill 52.9%
Fans of the team will become fans of the company 29.1%
Raises affinity to the company 26.5%
The company will be seen as an excellent company 22.7%
Raises affinity to the company amongst the families of employees 13.4%
Rasies employees’ desires and passions 12.3%
Will increase the frequency with which the company’s products and services are purchased 11.3%
Company will be able to retain excellent staff 9.2%
Will create feelings of unfairness between sportspeople and ordinary staff 6.7%
One cause of worsening management 5.2%
In poor economic conditions, sportspeople’s priority enrollment will leave a bad impression 3.1%
Other 0.5%
No particular effect 3.6%
Don’t know 8.3%
No answer 0.4%

Q4: Recently corporations quitting or taking a break from corporate sports has become a news topic. What do you think of this? (Sample size=14,884)

They shouldn’t quit or take a break 9.5%
If possible it would be better for them to continue 49.8%
They cannot avoid quitting or taking a break 33.4%
They should quit or take a break 1.8%
Other 5.4%

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Adrian D. Havill · June 6, 2009 at 09:13

I loved the Rabbits. Attended all their games last year and they were a popular event for my company’s ice club. Hopefully some other sponser will revive them.

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