Which terms for mini notebook computers do you know? graph of japanese statisticsThe “Japanese” in the title refers to the people answering the questionnaire, not the make of the computers as a few foreign names found their way into this survey from MyVoice into computer maker brand image.


Over the first five days of May 2009 14,915 members of the MyVoice internet community successfully completed a private online questionnaire. 54% of the sample were male, 1% in their teens, 14% in their twenties, 35% in their thirties, 30% in their forties, and 30% aged fifty or older.

It’s no surprise to me in Q5 that Apple came top, as a previous survey into design found Apple was way out in the lead.

For Q7, another survey earlier found that UMPC was actually better-known than Netbook, but here we see an almost four to one ratio of Netbook to UMPC (Ultra-Mobile PC).

Research results

Q1: How many computers do you currently have in use at home? (Sample size=14,915)

None 0.4%
One 47.1%
Two 31.4%
Three 13.0%
Four 4.4%
Five or more 3.7%

Q2: What do you use your home computers for? (Sample size=14,915, multiple answer)

Email 94.8%
Web surfing 94.4%
Internet shopping 74.1%
Internet banking 58.3%
Writing documents 54.4%
Making postcards 51.0%
Spreadsheets 41.6%
Internet auction 39.2%
Address book creation, management 39.0%
Blog, SNS update 33.9%
Listening to music CDs 32.4%
Picture editing, management 30.5%
Watching DVDs 30.0%
Music download, listening 28.0%
Online share trading 20.6%
Movie download, watching 19.6%
Family budgeting, cash management 18.7%
Online game 16.6%
Watching, recoding television 14.1%
Video editing, management 13.1%
VoIP, internet telephony 12.6%
Presentation creation 12.0%
Chat 7.6%
Other 4.4%
No answer 0.0%

Q3: Within the last three years, what kinds of computers have you bought? (Sample size=14,915, multiple answer)

Notebook 39.9%
Desktop 31.5%
Sub-notebook 4.4%
Not bought a computer within the last three years 33.2%
No answer 0.6%

Q4: What makers’ computers have you bought within the last three years? (Sample size=computer purchasers, multiple answer)

NEC 17.6%
Fujitsu 15.6%
DELL 12.9%
Toshiba 10.2%
Sony 9.6%
Apple 3.9%
HP, Compaq 2.7%
SOTEC 2.5%
Lenovo 2.1%
Sharp 1.5%
Gateway 1.5%
acer 1.4%
Panasonic 1.4%
Mouse Computers 1.3%
Hitachi 1.3%
ASUSTek 1.0%
Epson 1.0%
Kohjinsha 0.4%
Victor 0.0%
Other 9.9%
No answer 2.3%

Q5: Which maker do you think has the best external design in terms of shape, colour, etc? (Sample size=14,915)

Apple 30.9%
Sony 22.3%
NEC 11.8%
Fujitsu 8.5%
Toshiba 4.8%
DELL 3.7%
Panasonic 2.1%
Sharp 1.5%
HP, Compaq 1.2%
Lenovo 0.9%
acer 0.5%
Hitachi 0.4%
ASUSTek 0.3%
SOTEC 0.3%
Gateway 0.3%
Epson 0.3%
Mouse Computers 0.2%
Kohjinsha 0.2%
Victor 0.0%
Other 9.0%
No answer 0.7%

Q6: If you buy a computer in the future, which maker’s machine would you buy? (Sample size=14,915)

NEC 17.3%
Fujitsu 13.7%
Sony 13.3%
DELL 12.2%
Apple 7.5%
Toshiba 6.8%
Panasonic 2.5%
HP, Compaq 2.3%
Sharp 1.4%
Lenovo 1.2%
acer 1.0%
Epson 0.9%
SOTEC 0.7%
Gateway 0.6%
Mouse Computers 0.6%
ASUSTek 0.5%
Hitachi 0.5%
Kohjinsha 0.3%
Victor 0.0%
Other 16.3%
No answer 0.4%

Q7: Which of the following terms for mini notebook computers do you know? (Sample size=14,915)

Know both Netbook and UMPC 10.9%
Know Netbook only 32.8%
Know UMPC only 0.9%
Don’t know either 55.4%

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sandbaggerone · June 3, 2009 at 00:22

More analysis from an Apple perspective here:

Japanese computer maker brand image: then and now – sb1.tumblr.com

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