How often do you usually eat confectionery? graph of japanese statisticsRecently MyVoice investigated the subject of confectionery consumption amongst its panel of monitors. As a cross-reference, last year MyVoice looked at cheering oneself up with sweets.


Over the first five days of April 2009 15,582 members of the MyVoice internet community successfully completed a private online questionnaire. 54% of the sample were female, 2% were in their teens, 15% in their twenties, 35% in their thirties, 29% in their forties, and 19% after fifty or older.

I’m surprised at the relatively low figure for spending in Q6, especially given a quarter eat sweets daily – I wonder if this means people only counting treating themselves explicitly to sweets, rather than also adding in purchases of treats for children that they eat together?

Research results

Q1: How often do you usually eat confectionery? (Sample size=15,582)

Every day 24.4%
Four or five times a week 23.9%
Twice or thrice a week 23.5%
Once a week 9.0%
Twice or thrice a month 3.6%
Once a month 1.0%
Almost never eat confectionery 3.6%
Never eat confectionery 0.9%

Q2: What times do you often eat confectionery? (Sample size=confectionery eaters, multiple answer)

When I get peckish 68.1%
While relaxing 62.6%
As dessert 37.0%
At snack time 35.0%
While working, studying, doing housework 27.3%
When I have a rest, to fill time 22.9%
When I want to cheer myself up 19.6%
When doing leisure activities 15.5%
When drinking alcohol 13.8%
When irritated 12.3%
While on the move 11.6%
While preparing a meal 10.1%
While waiting 5.8%
While exercising 1.9%
Other 3.0%
No answer 0.2%

Q3: What kinds of confectionery do you eat? (Sample size=confectionery eaters, multiple answer)

Chocolate 70.6%
Potato crisps, other snacks 60.3%
Sembei rice crackers 53.9%
Biscuits, cookies 51.9%
Western confectionery 49.3%
Japanese confectionery 42.0%
Ice cream 41.5%
Boiled sweets, hard candies 36.0%
Yoghurt 31.1%
Caramel pudding 31.0%
Chewing gum 27.6%
Jelly 20.8%
Cheap sweets (pick’n’mix, etc) 17.6%
Fruit (compote, etc) 17.4%
Other 3.2%
No answer 0.3%

Note that Western confectionery implies cakes and other baked items rather than M&Ms or the like; similarly Japanese confectionery means stuff like this.

Q4: What kinds of confectionery do you eat the most? (Sample size=confectionery eaters)

Chocolate 26.1%
Potato crisps, other snacks 18.8%
Sembei rice crackers 10.1%
Biscuits, cookies 9.1%
Boiled sweets, hard candies 7.9%
Chewing gum 7.3%
Western confectionery 5.1%
Japanese confectionery 3.9%
Ice cream 3.2%
Yoghurt 3.1%
Cheap sweets (pick’n’mix, etc) 0.9%
Caramel pudding 0.8%
Fruit (compote, etc) 0.6%
Jelly 0.5%
Other 0.7%
None in particular, don’t know 1.4%
No answer 0.6%

Q5: What points are important when buying the confectionery you eat the most? (Sample size=those with a most often eaten confectionery from Q4, multiple answer)

Flavour 83.3%
Price 61.1%
Volume, amount of contents 28.1%
One I usually eat 27.9%
Shape, size of confectionery itself 17.5%
Calories 14.9%
Safety, security 14.2%
Will keep 11.8%
Brand 10.8%
Design, packaging 9.8%
Maker name 9.8%
Is limited edition 7.6%
Is new product 6.4%
Catches my eye in the shop 5.8%
Friend’s evaluation, word-of-mouth information 5.3%
Advertising image, impression 4.7%
Is nutritionally balanced 4.1%
Product name, well-named 3.7%
Has free gift 2.1%
Other 1.3%
Nothing in particular 3.2%
Don’t buy confectionery 0.6%
No answer 0.2%

Q6: About how much do you spend per week on onfectionery? (Sample size=those who buy confectionery from Q5)

Less than 500 yen 44.8%
500 to 999 yen 34.8%
1,000 to 1,499 yen 10.7%
1,500 to 1,999 yen 3.6%
2,000 to 2,499 yen 1.2%
2,500 to 2,999 yen 0.6%
3,000 yen or more 0.7%
Don’t buy myself 2.8%
No answer 0.7%


PeterD · May 14, 2009 at 01:20

“When I get peckish”? Does that mean when one gets hungry?

Curious confection consumption | 世論 What Japan Thinks · May 14, 2009 at 00:21

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