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Compared to three years ago, my bottled tea drinking frequency has... graph of japanese statisticsThis recent survey from MyVoice into tea and tea-like drinks, their second on the subject, with the first from two years ago translated here) found actually that coffee was the top drink, replacing green tea at the top of the list.


Over the first five days of April 2009 15,578 members of the MyVoice internet community successfully completed a private online questionnaire. 54% of the sample were female, 2% in their teens, 15% in their twenties, 35% in their thirties, 30% in their forties, and 18% aged fifty or older.

Recently when it comes to packaged drinks I’ve been more of a diet coke person, but I drink mostly black tea at work and green and houji (roasted green tea) at home. That’s a good point, does the “other Japanese tea” in Q1 include houji, or does it get counted with green tea? My personal feeling is that it falls under the other Japanese tea category.

In the following questions, “tea-related drinks” covers green tea, other Japanese tea, Chinese tea, black (Indian) tea, and blended tea (either tea tea or other tea-like base) plus other herbs.

Research results

Q1: Which of the following drinks do you often drink? (Sample size=15,578, multiple answer)

Green tea65.6%
Other Japanese tea (soba, barley, etc)43.7%
Black tea39.1%
Chinese tea35.0%
Vegetable juice25.9%
Blended tea (teas with grains, herbs, etc)25.8%
Fizzy drink25.3%
Mineral water24.6%
Squash, fruit juice22.8%
Sports drink20.8%
Milk-based, lactic acid-based drinks16.3%
Nothing in particular1.1%

Q2: How often do you drink tea or tea-related drinks from PET bottles? (Sample size=15,578)

Almost every day15.9%
Three or four times a week10.8%
Once or twice a week20.4%
Twice or thrice a month19.6%
Once a month9.0%
Less than once a month16.6%
Don’t drink tea from PET bottles7.7%

Q3: What points do you pay attention to when buying tea-related drinks in a PET bottle? (Sample size=PET bottle tea drinkers, multiple answer)

Ease of drinking50.0%
Has flavour (umami)35.1%
Has rich taste30.9%
Volume of bottle30.7%
The one I usually drink29.2%
Looks tasty26.9%
Maker name15.4%
If there’s a free gift10.8%
Design, packaging9.7%
Tea colour8.6%
If it would go with food8.2%
Advertisement image, impression8.1%
Product name, naming8.0%
Place of origin7.3%
Catches my eye in a shop6.2%
Shape of the bottle5.5%
If it’s a new product4.5%
Catches my eye in a vending machine4.3%
If it’s on sale for a limited period4.0%
Friend’s evaluation, word-of-mouth information3.1%
Good concept2.1%
Nothing in particular4.2%
No answer0.3%

Q4: What point do you pay most attention to when buying tea-related drinks in a PET bottle? (Sample size=those with points they pay attention to in Q3)

Ease of drinking20.9%
Has flavour (umami)10.2%
Has rich taste9.6%
Looks tasty8.7%
The one I usually drink7.8%
Volume of bottle2.0%
Maker name1.3%
Place of origin1.0%
If there’s a free gift0.8%
Design, packaging0.7%
Advertisement image, impression0.6%
If it would go with food0.5%
Tea colour0.5%
Product name, naming0.5%
If it’s a new product0.4%
Catches my eye in a vending machine0.4%
Catches my eye in a shop0.3%
Good concept0.3%
If it’s on sale for a limited period0.1%
Shape of the bottle0.1%
Friend’s evaluation, word-of-mouth information0.1%
Nothing in particular, don’t know0.5%
No answer8.0%

Q5: Compared to three years ago, how has your PET bottled tea drinking frequency changed? (Sample size=PET bottle tea drinkers)

Increased considerably6.4%
Increased a little16.0%
Not changed51.7%
Decreased a little (to SQ)16.0%
Decreased considerably (to SQ)9.1%
No answer0.7%

Q5SQ: Excluding alcohol, what have you been drinking more of since three years ago? (Sample size=those whose consumption has decreased, multiple answer)

Green tea from somewhere other than PET bottle18.7%
Other Japanese tea from somewhere other than PET bottle18.2%
Mineral water13.6%
Black tea from somewhere other than PET bottle10.7%
Chinese tea from somewhere other than PET bottle8.6%
Fruit juice5.5%
Fizzy drinks4.7%
Blended tea from somewhere other than PET bottle4.3%
Squash, fruit juice3.1%
Sports drink3.0%
Nothing in particular24.6%
No answer0.6%
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