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About how often do you cook rice in your home rice cooker? graph of japanese statisticsThis survey from MyVoice into rice cookers is their second look at the topic, the first having been conducted two years ago and translated by me then.


Over the first five days of February 2009 15,419 members of the MyVoice internet community completed a private online questionnaire. 54% of the sample were female, 1% in their teens, 14% in their twenties, 37% in their thirties, 30% in their forties, and 18% aged fifty or older.

Two years ago I mentioned that the survey omitted to discuss just using a pan or a traditional pot counted as a rice cooker, so I was pleased to see that this time in Q1 they asked not just about electric cookers, but also about other methods of cooking rice. I’m far too modest, and I know I’d be lying anyway, to claim that it was all thanks to this blog that they amended their question!

Oh, and I have a Squidoo page about Japanese rice cookers that occasionally makes me a few cents.

Research results

Q1: What type of cooker do you use to cook rice at home? (Sample size=15,419)

Non-IH electronic type30.6%
IH Pressure cooker30.0%
Other IH type22.3%
Gas type3.3%
Microwave oven-use type0.6%
Special purpose earthenware pot1.0%
Other general use earthenware pot0.4%
Pressure cooker1.7%
Stainless steel, aluminium pan1.7%
Have rice cooker, but don’t know what type4.9%
Don’t have rice cooker2.0%

Q2: About how often do you cook rice in your home rice cooker? (Sample size=those who cook rice at home)

Twice a day or more12.6%
Once a day51.7%
Four to six times a week16.8%
Twice or thrice a week11.7%
Once a week4.0%
Less than that2.5%
No answer0.6%

Q3: Who is the maker of the electric rice cooker you use at home? (Sample size=electric rice cooker owners)

Panasonic (National)15.0%
Don’t know8.4%
No answer0.4%

Q4: From where did you buy your electric rice cooker? (Sample size=electric rice cooker owners)

Yamada Denki17.7%
Edion Group7.8%
K’s Denki5.1%
Yodobashi Camera5.0%
Home centre4.4%
Bic Camera4.0%
Best Denki2.8%
Department store0.6%
Other electrical retailer4.1%
Other electrical superstore3.8%
Shop-bought total66.8%
Electrical superstore online shop2.1%
Other online shop1.5%
Link from electrical item comparison site1.1%
Online-bought total4.7%
Don’t remember16.5%
No answer1.0%

Q5: Other than rice, what kinds of cooking do you use your electric rice cooker for? (Sample size=electric rice cooker owners, multiple answer)

Baking cakes7.0%
Poaching eggs, etc2.6%
Steaming cakes, Chinese meat buns, etc2.4%
Boiling curry, stew, etc2.0%
Baking bread1.8%
Baking other items0.4%
Nothing other than rice85.8%
No answer1.2%

Q6: When buying an electric rice cooker, which of the following are important? (Sample size=15,419, multiple answer)

Excellent rice cooking functions72.7%
Reasonable price51.9%
Easy to clean44.8%
Low energy41.0%
Easy to use functions31.7%
Reliable maker29.2%
Good size, weight, etc26.7%
Excellent functions for keeping cooked rice ready-to-eat, reheating26.1%
Excellent functions for cooking methods (plain rice, sushi rice, etc)25.7%
Fast cooking25.2%
Functions for cooking different kinds of rice grains23.9%
Easy to understand water measurement18.8%
Nice colour, design17.5%
IH features17.1%
Type of cooking bowl13.2%
Functions for preparing things other than rice13.1%
Kind to the environment9.8%
Popular model5.6%
Don’t know5.5%
No answer0.3%
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  1. March 25, 2009 @ 01:16

    Man, Zojirushi owns the market in the US so much that I was surprised to see Tiger edging them in this response. (That is, people who don’t buy their rice cookers at Target tend to own Zojirushi.) My friend who just moved to Korea posted a picture of her “Cuckoo”-brand rice cooker in her blog–aside from the name, the rice cooker itself is so pretty, kind of embossed with a very elegant classical Chinese waves and flower pattern. Up to this point the most decoration I’ve seen on a rice cooker was that kind of 70s floral crockpot-esque flair that some rice cookers have. I really prefer hers! I wonder how many of that 7% who claim they use their rice cooker for baking cakes have done that more than once. It seems like most people have toaster ovens and would use those; most of the rice-cooker “baking” recipes I’ve seen seem to be mostly for novelty purposes.

    As you can tell, I found this interesting. :p Go figure.

  2. PeterD said,
    March 25, 2009 @ 03:23

    I found the alternate uses interesting, as I hadn’t done much beyond making rice without cookers (we have 2). Have to consider what can be done with them.

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