Few Japanese women share their computers


Do you have a computer at home? graph of japanese statistics

As quite often happens, this report published by japan.internet.com regarding a survey conducted by iBridge Research Plus into women and home computers was interesting yet frustrating in the incompleteness of the data.


On the 23rd of February 2009 300 female members of the iBridge Research Plus monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 23.3% of the sample were in their twenties, 34.7% in their thirties, 29.3% in their forties, 9.6% in their fifties, and 3.0% in their sixties.

The first frustration is that there is no domestic status described, as it would be interesting to see how they share computers with their husbands, children, parents or flatmates.

A second frustration is no information regarding whether wives get hand-me-downs from their husbands, or if their own PC was bought new, and if so, how much input did they themselves have in the decision.

We have a shared PC at home, running Vista with my wife’s account set to Japanese, mine to English, which does work rather well. We’ve no money for a computer each, but if we did I’d probably get a nice wee Netbook for myself.

Research results

Q1: Do you have a computer at home? (Sample size=300)

Yes (to SQ)98.3%

Note that since this survey was conducted online through a computer-targeted (not mobile phone-targeted) web site, the percentage of people with home computers is naturally going to be pretty close to 100%

Q1SQ: Do you have a computer exclusively for your own use at home? (Sample size=295)


Combining the two questions we get:

Q1+Q1SQ: Do you have a computer at home? (Sample size=300)

Yes, for exclusive use68.0%
Yes, for shared use30.1%

Q2: If you were to buy, upgrade your own computer in the future, would you choose a desktop, notebook, or netbook? (Sample size=300)

Desktop (to SQ)20.7%
Don’t know14.0%

Q2SQ: Why would you choose a desktop computer? (Sample size=62, multiple answer)

Large display is easy to read4369.4%
Large keyboard is easy to type on3861.3%
Easy to add hard disks, memory, etc3556.5%
Difficult to break1524.2%
Just feels a safer choice1422.6%
Cheap to buy1321.0%
Can upgrade the main box, monitor, etc separately812.9%
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