Would you like to Feng Shui your home? graph of japanese statisticsSadly the most important question, “Do you think Feng Shui is a load of cobblers?” was not asked, although given the love of blood typing, this recent survey from iShare into Feng Shui would probably have shown a disappointingly high percentage of believers.


Between the 7th and 10th of January 2009 412 members of the CLUB BBQ free email forwarding service completed a private online questionnaire. 55.1% of the sample were male, 13.3% in their twenties, 46.8% in their thirties, 32.3% in their forties, and 7.5% either in their teens or aged fifty or older.

In Japanese Feng Shui is written using the same wind and water characters as for Chinese, but the pronounciation is slightly different, Fuu Sui. The biggest Feng Shui con artist practitioner in Japan is Doctor Copa, whose advise mostly seems to consist of sticking ugly single-colour plastic objects in strategic locations.

Research results

Q1: Have you Feng Shui-ed your home, items you carry, etc? (Sample size=412)

  All Male
Yes 9.2% 4.4% 15.1%
No 90.8% 95.6% 84.9%

Q2: Would you like to Feng Shui your home? (Sample size=412)

  All Male
Yes (to SQ) 27.7% 21.6% 35.1%
No 72.3% 78.4% 64.9%

Q2SQ: For what kind of luck would you like to Feng Shui your home? (Sample size=114, multiple answer)

  All Male
Money 87.7% 91.8% 84.6%
Work 56.1% 57.1% 55.4%
Family 53.5% 51.0% 55.4%
Love 36.8% 46.9% 29.2%
Other 7.0% 2.0% 10.8%

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afatcow · February 1, 2009 at 11:06

man. scary how i was talking about that with some people i know just a few days ago. my grandparents are big sticklers about this >_>

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