One in three Japanese sleep with their mobiles


Do you usually recharge your mobile phone while you sleep? graph of japanese statisticsThis rather fun survey from goo Research, reported on by, looked at mobile phones, with the focus of the article being phones and bedtime.


Over the 18th and 19th of December 2008 1,082 members of the goo Research monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 52.8% of the sample were male, 16.2% in their teens, 18.3% in their twenties, 21.2% in their thirties, 16.2% in their forties, 16.0% in their fifties, and 12.1% aged sixty or older.

Remember that a previous survey has shown that over two in five use their mobiles as alarm clocks, so that will affect where people put their mobile phones.

My phone sits on a desk in another room, but my wife’s on a desk out of reach in the bedroom as she does use it as an alarm clock.

Research results

First of all, 972 people, or 89.8% of the sample, had mobile phones. This is a lower than the average figure or 94% or so. They were asked the following questions.

Q1: Where do you most often recharge your mobile phone? (Sample size=972)

At home81.6%
Wherever I am when the battery gets low10.2%
At work4.9%
Wherever I am when the battery runs flat2.4%
At school0.5%

Q2: When you sleep, where do you most often place your phone? (Sample size=972)

On bed, by my pillow35.7%
In bedroom, within reach28.0%
Outside bedroom, on a table14.1%
In bedroom, on a table out of reach9.6%
In my bag4.9%
Outside bedroom, on a chair, shelf, etc2.7%
In bedroom, on a chair, shelf, etc out of reach1.6%
Outside bedroom, on the floor1.5%
In bedroom, on the floor1.1%
In my hand0.4%

Q3: Do you recharge your phone in the place mentioned in Q2? (Sample size=972)

Don’t recharge59.7%
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