Yahoo! JAPAN recently annouced the results of a number of their “Best of 2008”, and one of the categories was the most clicked-through headline from Yahoo! News. The data was collected from all headlines displayed through Yahoo! NEWS between the 1st of November 2007 and 31st of October 2008.

You’ll notice that all of them are basically domestic stories, and most of the topics are either (or both) entertainment or death-related. You will note that nothing about politics, such as the minor matter of a change in prime ministers appears in the list, but in Japan’s defense I wonder if because these topics might have multiple reports, the clicks per story get diluted.

Click-through each link to find some English reporting on the story.

Statistics result

Most clicked-through stories of 2008

Rank Story Source Date
1 Ex-TBS announcer Ako Kawada commits suicide Sankei Sports 26th May 2008
2 Akihabara devil, sacking and misunderstanding? Sankei Sports 9th June 2008
3 Hoshino JAPAN to play USA in 3rd-place play-off at Olympics Daily Sports 22nd August 2008
4 Three missing in Kagawa – brother-in-law arrested Sankei Digital 27th November 2007
5 Kumi Koda tearfully speaks from her heart Mainichi Shimbun 7th February 2008
6 Mona Yamamoto, Beat Takeshi disgraced Sankei Sports 11th July 2008
7 Motomura’s press conference “Correct ruling” Mainichi Shimbun 22nd April 2008
8 Third Sailor Moon voice acress Miyuki Kobe dies suddenly (no link) Sankei Digital 21st June 2008
9 Anna Tsuchiya’s ex-husband dead Sports News 24th May 2008
10 Kohaku (Red and White) Song Contest line-up announced Oricon 4th December 2007
11 Capital Punishment: Minister of Justice “Will study with caution” Sankei Digital 17th June 2008
12 Why did the devoted mother kill her primary school child? Sankei Digital 22nd September 2008
13 Objections raised to advertisement encouraging infidelity, advert banned (no link) Sankei Digital 18th January 2008
14 Joe Odagiri and Yuu Kashii marry 27th December 2007
15 Senba Kitcho president heartbroken Sankei Digital 28th May 2008
16 Shinji Yamashita’s eldest son commits suicide Sankei Digital 18th March 2008
17 Ken Ogata dies of liver cancer Daily Sports 7th October 2008
18 Leah Dizon marriage press conference – turbulent mood Sankei Digital 15th October 2008
19 Kosuke Kitajima – ran out of energy towards the end Sports News 11th August 2008
20 Chinatsu Wakatsuki quits entertainment world Oricon 27th November 2007


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