Some Japanese actually pay for web mail!


Do you use a paid-for web mail service? graph of japanese statisticsWith so many free web-based mail services on offer, a surprising result from a survey conducted by Marsh Inc and reported on by into web email was that a number of people do actually pay for it.


Between the 29th of November and the 2nd of December 2008 300 people from the Marsh monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 50.0% of the sample were male, 20.0% were in their twenties, 20.0% in their thirties, 20.0% in their forties, 20.0% in their fifties, and 20.0% aged sixty or older.

Unfortunately, this survey did not report what sort of services people were paying for, although perhaps if you paid Marsh some money they’d tell you. I suppose I could say that I pay for two web mail services; one through this web site hosting as I do use the web mail reading facility, and the other is that I use for mail forwarding my private email, although I don’t use their web mail, which is an additional charge.

Research results

Q1: Do you use a web mail service? (Sample size=300)

Yes (to SQs)44.3%

Q1SQ1: What web mail service do you mainly use? (Sample size=133)

Yahoo! Mail60.2%
Google Gmail6.0%
goo Free Mail5.3%
Infoseek Mail3.8%
Excite Mail2.3%

Q1SQ2: Do you use a paid-for web mail service? (Sample size=133)

Not using91.0%
Don’t know2.3%

Q1SQ3: Do you think you’d want to use a paid-for web mail service in the future? (Sample size=133)

Want to use7.5%
Can’t say either way30.1%
Don’t want to use62.4%
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