As a professional blogger (perhaps) my requirements for a blogging service are very different from the average person, so I do find it a little hard to relate to this survey reported on by and conducted by Marsh Inc into blogging.


Between the 18th and 21st of November 2008 300 members of the Marsh monitor panel completed an internet-based questionnaire. The sample was split 50:50 by sex, and 20.0% were in their twenties, 20.0% in their thirties, 20.0% in their forties, 20.0% in their fifties, and 20.0% aged sixty or older.

In Q1 I think the amount of people reading commercial blogs is rather low, but I suspect it might be that because people are not seeing the URL as, they assume that places are just hobby blogs, not commercial enterprises.

Most of the Japanese blogs, particularly the personal blogs, make Facebook look tasteful.

Research results

First, from the whole sample the survey reported that 263 people regularly read blogs. However, in the data following it is obvious that the figure was actualy 156, or 52.0%. How many did not even know what a blog is was not reported. These 156 were then asked the following.

Q1: What kinds of blogs do you read? (Sample size=156, multiple answer)

  Votes Percentage
Personal blogs 127 81.4%
Famous person’s blogs 66 42.3%
Friend, family member’s blogs 46 29.5%
Corporate, organisation blogs 37 23.7%
Other 1 0.6%
Don’t know 0 0.0%

Next, 86 people, or 55.1% of the blog readers, or 28.7% of the whole sample, had their own blogs. They were asked the following.

Q2: Which blog service do you use the most? (Sample size=86)

FC2 Blog 15.1%
Yahoo! Blog 12.8%
Rakuten Blog 12.8%
Ameba blog 10.5%
goo Blog 7.0%
SeesaaBLOG 4.7%
Cocolog 3.5%
livedoor Blog 3.5%
excite Blog 3.5%
Yaplog 3.5%
Blogger (Google) 2.3%
Hatena Diary 0.0%
Other 19.8%
Don’t know, don’t remember 1.2%

Q3: Why did you select that service? (Sample size=86, multiple answer)

  Votes Percentage
Easy to create blog, entries 51 59.3%
Easy to understand functionality 34 39.5%
Like the design 20 23.3%
Rich feature set 14 16.3%
Well-known service 12 14.0%
Can update from mobile phone 10 11.6%
Friends, family use it 9 10.5%
Broad range of editing functions 8 9.3%
Same service as blogs I view 8 9.3%
Other 13 15.1%
No particular reason 8 9.3%


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