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About how many cigarettes do you smoke per day? graph of japanese statisticsSecond only to teeth, smoking is one of my favourite subjects to cover on this blog, so I hope you too enjoy this recent survey from MyVoice on this very subject.


Over the first five days of October 2008 14,473 members of the MyVoice internet community completed a private online questionnaire. 54% of the sample were female, 14% in their twenties, 38% in their thirties, 30% in their forties, and 18% aged fifty or older. Note that since the legal smoking age is 20 years old in Japan, no teenagers took part in this survey.

Note that taspo is an identity card that is needed in order to operate most cigarette machines to serve as proof that the person is holding a card issued to someone over 20.

Research results

Q1: Do you smoke? (Sample size=14,473)

Currently smoke23.6%
Used to smoke (to end of survey)23.2%
Never smoked (to end of survey)53.1%

Q2: About how many cigarettes do you smoke per day? (Sample size=current smokers)

One or less2.3%
Two to five6.9%
Six to ten16.4%
Eleven to fifteen16.6%
Sixteen to twenty32.9%
Twenty-one to thirty16.6%
Thirty-one or more8.1%
No answer0.2%

Q3: Where do you usually by cigarettes? (Sample size=current smokers, multiple answers)

Convenience store80.0%
Vending machine29.3%
Supermarket, discount store18.7%
Tobacco shop18.4%
Railway kiosk, shop11.8%
Don’t buy them myself1.0%
No answer1.0%

Q4: How do you usually buy cigarettes? (Sample size=current smokers)

One pack at a time44.3%
Few packs at a time23.1%
By the carton32.0%
No answer0.6%

Q5: Do you have a taspo card? (Sample size=current smokers)

No (to SQs)64.2%
Don’t know what taspo is0.2%
No answer0.4%

Q5SQ1: Do you want to apply for a taspo card? (Sample size=non-carriers)

Want to apply4.0%
Perhaps want to apply13.6%
Perhaps don’t want to apply23.6%
Don’t want to apply58.3%
No answer0.5%

Q5SQ2: Do you feel it is inconvenient not to have a taspo card? (Sample size=non-carriers)

Very inconvenient16.4%
A little inconvenient30.8%
Don’t really feel it inconvenient26.9%
Don’t feel it inconvenient at all24.7%
No answer1.2%
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