Baseball, skating and football top sports in Japan


Will Japan qualify for the 2010 South Africa World Cup? graph of japanese statisticsWith the Olympics over for another four years and the South Africa World Cup still two years away, this is a good time to take a look with MyVoice at sports, their third look at the subject. Incidentally, if you want to find out more about sports in Japan, be sure to check out this month’s Japan Blog Matsuri on sport in Japan!


Over the first five days of October 2008 14,560 members of the MyVoice internet community completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 54% of the sample were female, 1% in their teens, 15% in their twenties, 37% in their thirties, 30% in their forties, and 17% aged fifty or older.

I don’t have time to watch sport on the television, especially with wall-to-wall baseball, in which I have zero interest, and even if I had the time, the wife owns the remote control…

I used to be a big Formula 1 fan, having attended Suzuka thrice, but even though last month I came across the start of the Japan Grand Prix live on television, both Hamilton and Coulthard piled up on the first lap and the Fuji circuit was totally unfamiliar to me, so I gave up and did the hoovering instead.

Research results

Q1: What sport are you currently most interested in? (Sample size=14,560)

Japanese baseball19.3%
Figure skating7.0%
Japanese national football team4.7%
Formula 14.3%
J League domestic football3.6%
Martial arts (K-1, pro wrestling, etc)3.0%
Major League Baseball2.8%
Horse racing2.5%
European league football2.0%
Table tennis0.7%
No sport that I’m interested in31.4%

Q2: Which of the following sports do you watch matches on television, at the ground, etc? (Sample size=14,560, multiple answer)

Japanese baseball36.4%
Japanese national football team19.0%
Figure skating18.8%
J League domestic football14.3%
Martial arts (K-1, pro wrestling, etc)11.5%
Formula 110.9%
Major League Baseball10.3%
Horse racing7.7%
European league football5.4%
Table tennis2.9%
Don’t watch any sport35.6%
No answer0.7%

Q3: Which of the following sports do you want to watch, continue to watch matches on television, at the ground, etc in the future? (Sample size=14,560, multiple answer)

Japanese baseball32.3%
Figure skating22.6%
Japanese national football team18.4%
Major League Baseball13.8%
J League domestic football13.6%
Formula 113.6%
Martial arts (K-1, pro wrestling, etc)10.8%
European league football8.3%
Horse racing8.3%
Table tennis2.9%
Don’t want to watch any sport in the future25.2%
No answer0.5%

Q4: Compared with the 2006 Germany FIFA World Cup, how has your interest in the Japanese national football team changed? (Sample size=14,560)

Got much more interested1.5%
Got a little more interested4.6%
Not really changed58.7%
Got a little less interested (to SQ)17.0%
Got much less interested (to SQ)17.2%
No answer1.0%

Q4SQ: Why has your interest in the Japanese national football team diminished since the Germany World Cup? (Sample size=those less interested in football, multiple answer)

Number of attractive players has decreased41.0%
Overall team skill level has dropped37.0%
Know fewer of the players25.4%
Fewer players have natural talent21.3%
Just got less interested in football in general16.2%
Other sports are more interesting9.3%
Changed their manager8.4%
No big tournaments at the moment4.8%
Was originally not interested in football19.4%
No answer0.2%

Q5: Will Japan qualify for the 2010 South Africa World Cup? (Sample size=14,560)

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