Here comes the fortieth regular cellphone upgrade needs survey by goo Research and reported on by


Between the 6th and 10th of October 2008 exactly 1,000 cellphone users from the goo Research monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 50.4% of the sample were male, 2.1% in their teens, 18.5% in their twenties, 34.1% in their thirties, 26.8% in their forties, and 18.5% aged fifty or older.

In Q4 one might be surprised by seeing that just 7.6% of people rate Flash support as important, but I wonder how much of this is due to lack of awareness rather than lack of interest? The newest docomo phones now have decome-anime (decoration mail animation), which is basically simple Flash authoring, inserting your own message into an animation, similar to features currently only available through online greeting cards.

Research results

Q1: Which carrier do you use? If more than one, choose the one you use the most. (Sample size=1,000)

NTT docomo 49.4%
au by KDDI 27.9%
SoftBank 17.9%
Willcom 4.5%
E-mobile 0.3%

Q2: Select which of the following are important when upgrading your cellphone. (Sample size=1,000, multiple answer)

Design 64.1%
Handset price 59.9%
Operability 34.8%
Size 29.3%
Handset type (clamshell, slider, etc) 28.1%
Weight 24.8%
Operator 24.5%
Display 23.1%
Voice call cost 23.1%
Camera spec, functions 22.8%
Additional features (television, GPS, etc) 22.0%
Maker, brand 20.1%
Battery 16.9%
Data packet fees 16.1%
Character input method 12.7%
Supported services 12.0%
Ease of connecting 11.0%
Internal memory size 10.0%
Data transmission speed 9.7%
Voice call quality 7.4%
Other 2.2%
Nothing in particular 1.8%

Q3: Select which of the functions from the list below whose presence or absense is important when upgrading your cellphone. (Sample size=1,000, multiple answer)

Memory card 33.1%
One Seg digital terrestrial television 30.5%
Infra-red 23.9%
Music playback 22.9%
Water, shock resistance 18.9%
FeliCa Osaifu Keitai electronic cash 15.1%
GPS 13.8%
Full browser 9.0%
Bluetooth 7.9%
Wireless LAN 6.1%
FM radio 5.6%
Document viewer (Excel, etc) 3.9%
AM radio 3.5%
Skinnable 1.7%
Analogue television 1.6%
Electronic compass 1.4%
Digital radio 0.6%
Other 2.5%
None in particular 29.1%

Q4: Select which of the services from the list below whose presence or absense is important when upgrading your phone. (Sample size=1,000, multiple answer)

Unlimited data plan 44.7%
Ring tunes (full MP3 quality) 15.2%
Ring tones (lower quality) 14.8%
GPS navigation 14.7%
Deco Mail (HTML mail) 11.1%
International roaming 8.9%
Flash support 7.6%
Video download 7.5%
Push to Talk 0.6%
Other 0.4%
Nothing in particular 38.1%


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