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Is functions or price important when buying aircon? graph of japanese statisticsThis survey from MyVoice is their third home use air conditioner survey. I thought I had translated their second air conditioner survey last year, but it turns out it was from DIMSDRIVE Research instead. And it was more interesting…


Over the first five days of September 2008 15,465 members of the MyVoice internet community successfully completed a private online survey. 54% of the sample were female, 1% in their teeens, 15% in their twenties, 36% in their thirties, 29% in their forties, and 19% in their fifties.

I looked at the previous survey and I discovered I said just about everything I know about Japanese air conditioners! I do get people searching occasionally for Japanese air conditioner manuals – the functionality is often rather complex and if you can’t read Japanese it’s difficult to know what to do. Now, there’s an idea for a Web 2.0 site – www.rimoconmaster.com (rimocon being the Japanese abbreviation for REMOte CONtroller), upload a photo of your remote (and rice cooker, microwave, etc) with the buttons labeled, or without them labeled and get other users to fill in the functions.

Research results

Q1: When was the last time you bought a home use air conditioner? (Sample size=15,465)

Within the last three months6.2%
Within the last six months2.4%
Within the last year6.2%
Within the last three years18.3%
Within the last five years12.0%
More than five years ago37.2%
Never bought an air conditioner (to Q6)17.7%

Q2: How much was that air conditioner? (Sample size=air conditioner purchasers)

Under 40,000 yen5.0%
40,000 to 59,999 yen12.6%
60,000 to 79,999 yen13.4%
80,000 to 99,999 yen13.6%
100,000 to 119,999 yen10.8%
120,000 to 139,999 yen5.8%
140,000 to 159,999 yen5.1%
160,000 to 179,999 yen3.1%
180,000 to 199,999 yen2.7%
200,000 yen or more5.1%
Don’t remember22.6%
No answer0.2%

Q3: When buying an air conditioner, which is more important, functions or price? (Sample size=air conditioner purchasers)

Perhaps price27.1%
Both about equal21.4%
Perhaps functions25.3%
No answer0.4%

Q4: When you bought your air conditioner, which manufacturers did you look at? (Sample size=air conditioner purchasers, multiple answer)

Mitsubishi Electrical27.8%
National (Panasonic)26.3%
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries10.4%
Don’t remember, don’t know11.1%
No answer0.1%

Q5: Which manufacturer’s air conditioner did you last purchase? (Sample size=air conditioner purchasers)

Mitsubishi Electrical14.1%
National (Panasonic)12.7%
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries3.4%
Don’t remember, don’t know12.3%
No answer0.6%

Q6: What sort of things do you often do when using your air conditioner’s cooling functions? (Sample size=15,465, multiple answer)

Even when at home, take care to turn on and off39.6%
Use while sleeping27.0%
Set to 28°ree;C to protect the environment24.0%
Change the temperature setting to suit the room temperature23.9%
Use timer to prevent unnecessary use22.7%
Use in the bath17.4%
Only use at daytime on hot days14.6%
Leave on all the time I’m at home13.4%
Don’t use during the day, just evenings to night time12.9%
Try not to use at home except when visitors come11.8%
Use it to clean the air in the room8.6%
Leave it running when out2.8%
None of the above1.8%
Don’t use an air conditioner9.8%
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