Mysterious behaviour of Japanese women and men


The ways of the opposite sex are baffling to many of us, so this little bit of frivolity from goo Ranking looked at what people can’t figure out about the opposite sex, for both men being baffled by women and women being baffled by men


Between the 19th and 21st of August 2008 1,028 members of the goo Research monitor panel completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 52.0% of the sample were female, 5.7% in their teens, 11.2% in their twenties, 30.4% in their thirties, 30.6% in their forties, 14.7% in their fifties, and 7.3% aged sixty or older. Note that the score in the results refers to the relative number of votes for each option, not a percentage of the total sample.

I’ll have to nod in agreement with just about all the women’s behaviours! Number 4 is most irritating for me, and number 6 is just inexplicable!

For the men’s number one, women obviously don’t know that about half the men in my office gob into the urinal. I have no clue why either. Talking of men liking Gundam, Japan Today had a strange quote from a comedian regarding Gundam and pr0n!

Ranking result

Q: What behaviour by women leaves you asking “why”? (Sample size=493, men)

Rank Score
1Why is she losing more weight than necessary?100
2When one woman says “that’s cute!”, why do they all join in?81.9
3Why do women all go to the toilet together69.4
4Why does she complain about my choices even after saying she’ll leave it up to me?68.4
5Why does she spend so long shopping?53.4
6Why does she shave her eyebrows then draw them back on?48.7
7Why does she use cosmetics every day?35.2
8Why is she so into getting her fortune told?32.6
9Why is she so indirect about what she is thinking?32.6
10Why can she eat cake even when full up?30.6
11Why has she got lots of bags?29.0
12=Why when women chat does the topic keep changing?27.5
12=Why is she always asking her boyfriend if he loves her?27.5
14Why does she buy clothes but not wear them?26.9
15Why does she get wrapped up in the trendy dramas on TV?26.9
16Why does she fall for bad boys?25.9
17Why does she want to hear me talk?25.9
18=Why does she grow her nails long, wear nail polish?24.9
18=When going for lunch, why does she have a small bag just to hold her wallet?23.9
20Why does she wear skimpy clothing even when it’s cold out?22.8
21Why does she hold hands with her female friends, mother?18.7
22Why doesn’t she make a clean break from her ex?18.1
23Why doesn’t she give up until she is convinced?17.6
24Why does she get into fight mode at the sales?17.1
25=When reading a map, why does she turn the map so her direction of facing is towards the top?16.6
25=Why doesn’t she go to restaurants by herself?16.6
27Why does she spend so long in the toilet?15.0
28Why does she want a kiss on first meeting?14.0
29Why does she change her boyfriend’s room to suit her own tastes?11.4
30Even when she is hungry, why doesn’t she eat a lot?10.9

Q: What behaviour by men leaves you asking “why”? (Sample size=535, women)

Rank Score
1Why does he spit in the gutter?100
2Why does he spend money on worthless stuff?80.3
3Why does he tell transparent lies?80.3
4Why does he keep in touch with her even after breaking up?69.9
5Why does he think childish women are cute?62.3
6Even when he knows he’s taken the wrong route, why doesn’t he turn back?60.7
7Why is he proud of his ill-health?59.6
8Why doesn’t he throw out the rubbish in his room?56.3
9Why does he make many absent-minded replies?48.6
10Why does he often drink canned coffee, fizzy drinks44.8
11Why does he like young girls?42.6
12Why is he proud of things he can’t do?42.1
13Why doesn’t he put the toilet seat down?41.5
14=Why do his emails contain just the bare minimum?40.4
14=Even though he has a girlfriend, why does he often put a priority on his male friends?40.4
16=Why can’t he do two or more things at the same time?38.8
16=Why does he fret excessively about his hair? (Thinning, etc)38.8
18Why is he bad at thinking about what to do first in his private life?38.3
19Why doesn’t he break out of his own world?35.5
20Why does he keep wearing the same suit?35.0
21When he gets engrossed in work, why can’t he look at anything else?30.1
22When discussing things, why does he always want to propose solutions?26.8
23Why does he like Gundam?22.4
24Why is he slow to reply to email?21.3
25=Why is he cruel to people he likes?20.8
25=Why does he like to buy stuff on release day?20.8
27Why does he find holding hands embarrassing?19.7
28Why does he like stuff with engines?16.9
29=Why does he walk holding the nape of his (his girlfriend’s?) neck?16.4
29=Why does he like being the first to do something16.4
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