Five or less sites regularly checked by majority of Japanese


How many web sites do you regularly check? graph of japanese statisticsI looked at RSS feed usage yesterday and expressed surprise at the relatively low level of usage, but this new survey from JR Tokai Express Research Inc and reported on by into web site viewing habits reveals perhaps that there is not much need for RSS.


On the 4th of September 2008 331 members of the JR Tokai Express Research monitor pool who used the internet at home completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 55.6% of the sample were male, 3.3% in their teens, 11.8% in their twenties, 30.5% in their thirties, 24.5% in their forties, 15.7% in their fifties, 8.5% in their sixties, and 5.7% in their seventies or older.

I was going to quote similar figures on site usage from the UK or USA, but I couldn’t find anything useful through Google! If someone knows of a “What the UK/USA Thinks”-like web site, please let me know.

Although there are few people performing their regular site checks through RSS, with the majority having no more than five places to visit, RSS is perhaps not that necessary. However, do people start checking more sites once they learn about RSS, or do they keep the same number but just do their checks quicker? That would be an interesting topic for a survey.

Research results

Q1: How many web sites do you regularly check? (Sample size=331)

None at all2.7%
Just one1.2%
Two or three22.7%
Four or five30.2%
Six to ten18.7%
Eleven or more22.4%
Don’t know2.1%

Those 315 people who checked one or more sites were then asked the following question.

Q1SQ: How do you mainly check these web sites? (Sample size=315)

From favourites90.2%
Via search engine4.4%
From history2.2%
Through RSS reader1.3%
Using web crawler0.6%

Q2: When you open your browser what is the start page set to? (Sample size=331)

Yahoo! or other portal70.7%
Blank page9.7%
Ordinary site6.6%
News site4.2%
Own site, blog, bulletin board2.4%
Auction site0.9%
Family, friend’s site, blog, bulletin board0.6%
Shopping site0.0%
Ordinary blog0.0%
Ordinary bulletin board0.0%
2 channel0.0%
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