Taspo killing cigarette vending machines


Will taspo affect under-age smoking rate? graph of japanese statisticsWith the nationwide introduction of taspo, Tobacco pASsPOrt – a proof of age certificate (well, proof that someone over twenty applied for the card) – now complete, DIMSDRIVE Research took their second look at taspo. The first look at taspo by DIMSDRIVE was back in May.


Between the 8th and 14th of August 2008 7,381 members of the DIMSDRIVE Research monitor group completed a members-only internet-based questionnaire. 52.3% of the sample were female, 1.1% in their teens, 13.5% in their twenties, 33.5% in their thirties, 30.6% in their forties, 14.6% in their fifties, and 6.7% aged sixty or older.

One obvious effect of taspo is that half as many smokers are now using cigarette vending machines, which must be a serious financial blow to people who have them outside their shops.

At a slight tangent, but my office sells ciggies by the case, and last week they started a promotion with a free gift per pack of 200, with the clip art reading “Thank you father”. Monday the 15th of September is Respect for the Aged Day, so I suspect they are promoting killing your parents with cancer kindness.

Research results

First, the percentage of smokers was 27.2%, but sadly no breakdown by sex or information on quitters. So, let us start by looking at these smokers.

Q1: Where do you usually buy cigarettes? (Sample size=2,010, multiple answer)

 This time (August)Last time (April)
Convenience store76.7%71.4%
Vending machine32.2%73.2%
Street tobacco kiosk23.4%22.3%
Supermarket, discount store, etc19.1%21.3%
Railway kiosk, other shop9.7%10.3%
Tobacco store5.8%5.7%
Other shop1.9%2.0%
Restaurant, pub, etc1.8%3.9%
Duty-free, overseas1.7%2.4%
Don’t buy myself, don’t know1.0%0.9%

Q1A: Where do you usually buy cigarettes? (Sample size=759, multiple answer)

Vending machine77.5%
Convenience store68.5%
Street tobacco kiosk25.2%
Supermarket, discount store, etc20.2%
Railway kiosk, other shop10.3%
Tobacco store7.4%
Restaurant, pub, etc3.2%
Duty-free, overseas2.6%
Other shop2.0%
Don’t buy myself, don’t know0.1%

Q2: Do you know about “taspo”? (Sample size=7,381)

 This time (August)Last time (April)
Know it in detail30.7%21.3%
Know it to some degree56.0%56.8%
Just heard the term12.2%17.7%
Don’t know it1.1%4.2%

Q3: Do you think taspo will be effective in cutting down under-age smoking? (Sample size=7,381)

 This time (August)Last time (April)
Considerably effective5.6%7.1%
Effective to some degree27.2%31.5%
Slightly effective42.1%41.7%
Not effective at all25.1%19.7%

Q4: Have you applied, will you apply for a taspo card? (Sample size=2,010)

 This time (August)Last time (April)
Already have one37.7%17.7%
Applied, but not delivered yet0.6%0.0%
Definitely apply1.3%18.4%
Perhaps apply7.0%27.5%
Perhaps won’t apply20.0%15.1%
Won’t apply30.9%14.6%
Don’t know2.5%6.7%

Q5: Why haven’t you applied for a taspo card? (Sample size=1,022, multiple answer)

Bothersome to apply60.1%
Will buy tobacco somewhere else52.5%
Bothersome to, dislike carrying the card28.4%
Have to supply address, other personal information to apply13.5%
Don’t like having my photo on it9.1%
Not a problem to not have one6.5%
Don’t use vending machines5.4%
Probably lose it, worry that I would3.9%
Use it as an excuse to quit, cut down2.9%
No particular reason1.0%

Q6: How have you buying habits changed since taspo was introduced? (Sample size=2,010, multiple answer)

taspo holders
Buy more often from supermarket, convenience store, etc rather than vending machines40.3%20.6%
Buy more at one time at supermarket, convenience store, etc24.0%14.6%
Buy cigarettes less often6.0%3.3%
Buy more often from vending machines2.4%6.3%
Buying habits haven’t changed42.6%63.8%
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  1. Sarah said,
    September 10, 2009 @ 06:40

    XD lol, killing your parents with Cancer. i sure am glad it’s illegal to advertize cigarettes in this country. and yet, they corporations a discustingly rich.

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