Hot jets of water up the bum enjoyed by majority of Japanese men


Hot water bum washing toilet seat is... graph of japanese statisticsThis is a matter that I have pondered about, so it’s interesting to see BlogCh addressing the issue of hot water bum-washing toilet seat usage.


Between the 29th and 31st of July 2008 658 members of the CLUB BBQ free email forwarding service completed an internet-based private questionnaire. 51.2% of the sample were male, 13.2% in their twenties, 47.0% in their thirties, 28.6% in their forties, and 11.2% in their teens or fifty or older.

I’ve used the hot water spray twice; once on a toilet with a built-in drier, and once without. Both were rather unpleasant experiences, and the lingering feeling of dampness downstairs was quite disconcerting.

Bum-washing toilets?

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Research results

Q1: Do you use a hot water washing toilet seat? (Sample size=658)

Every time (to SQ1)49.2%57.9%40.2%
Sometimes (to SQ1)25.2%16.3%34.6%
Don’t use (to SQ2)17.3%16.6%18.1%
Never used (to SQ2)8.2%9.2%7.2%

Q1SQ1: What do you call a hot water washing toilet seat? (Sample size=490)

Shower toilet3.7%
Beauty toilet (in a French accent)0.6%
Clean wash0.0%

Washlet is actually a trademark of TOTO, the first company to develop a home-use seat for Japan. Although the French for toilet seems to be toilette, the “toilet” in “Beauty toilet” is rendered in Japanese as トワレ, which is toware, roughly how “toilet” might be badly pronounced in French.

Q1SQ2: Why don’t you use a hot water washing toilet seat? (Sample size=168)

Don’t need it39.3%54.0%23.5%
Worry about hygiene of it28.6%16.1%42.0%
Don’t like the feel of it10.7%8.0%13.6%
Never used a toilet with one10.1%12.6%7.4%

Q2: Do you know the maker of your home toilet? (Sample size=658)

<意識調査>温水洗浄便座に関する意識調査 ブロガー向け情報サイト「ブロッチ」などネットマーケティングを展開する株式会社アイシェアは同社が提供するサービス会員をパ・・・≫続き

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