Where do you place your cat's litter tray? graph of japanese statistics[Part 1][Part 2]

Now for part 2 of this survey conducted by an unnamed market research firm for Kao’s cat goods division into cat toiletism. Yes, they did stick an -ism on the end!


No details were given, bar that 3,025 people owned by cats completed a survey. They do mention, however, that there are over 7 million households with cats, and in the last five years the percentage of single human households with a cat has doubled to the current figure of 14.4% of the total, or just over a million singles with a cat.

In Q8, remember that most Japanese homes are on the small size, so the choice of where to put the litter tray is rather limited.

At the moment in Japan there is a bit of a cat boom, and one of the ways it is expressed is by cat cafes, where you can have a cup of tea amongst some kitties. Indeed, I went to one recently, and once I finish uploading to flickr I’ll post a review.

Research results

Q8: Where do you place your cat’s litter tray? (Sample size=3,025)

Living room 27.1%
Corridor 20.8%
Bathroom 12.9%
Bedroom 8.9%
Toilet 3.3%
Balcony 2.5%
Other 24.5%

Q9: Has your cat ever had a urinary tract-related illness? (Sample size=3,025)

Yes 21.9%
No 78.1%

Q10: Which of the following cat health-related issues do you look out for? (Sample size=3,025, multiple answer)

Appetite 80.0%
Poo frequency and shape 66.8%
Stress 44.7%
Coat check (fleas, hair shedding) 40.2%
Obesity 39.9%
Lack of exercise 27.9%
Hairballs 25.3%
Dental diseases 18.7%
Other 5.5%

Q11: What would you want from your ideal cat litter tray? (Sample size=3,025, multiple answer)

No-smell litter 80.7%
Paw disinfectant 42.4%
Litter tray that doesn’t need changing 42.0%
Litter tray that looks good when placed in living room 37.4%
Flush litter tray 36.6%
Litter tray that compresses, deodorises, and throws away poo 36.3%
Litter tray that recycles sand 21.3%
Single-use litter try 12.7%

Q12: How satisfied do you think your cat is with his current toilet facilities? (Sample size=3,025, multiple answer)

Satisified 11.0%
A little satisfied 58.7%
A little dissatisfied 26.5%
Dissatisfied 3.8%

Q13A: What does you cat do after a pee? (Sample size=3,025)

Covers it with sand 57.6%
Covers other place with sand 29.0%
Doesn’t cover sand at all 7.7%
Other 5.7%

Q13B: What does you cat do after a poo? (Sample size=3,025)

Covers it with sand 62.0%
Covers other place with sand 27.2%
Doesn’t cover sand at all 4.9%
Other 5.9%

Q14: Does your cat mind being looked at when using the litter tray? (Sample size=3,025)

Doesn’t mind being looked at 80.5%
Can’t go if being looked at 14.0%
Other 5.5%

[Part 1][Part 2]

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