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Cat leaving a message in the litter tray[Part 1][Part 2]

How do you know if your cat loves his litter tray? To try to find out in a less direct fashion than illustrated by the photograph, an unnamed market research firm on behalf of Kao’s cat goods division looked into cat toiletism. Yes, they did stick an -ism on the end!


No details were given, bar that 3,025 people owned by cats completed a survey. They do mention, however, that there are over 7 million households with cats, and in the last five years the percentage of single human households with a cat has doubled to the current figure of 14.4% of the total, or just over a million singles with a cat.

My main reason for liking cats is that they are not clingy. I can’t stand dogs, with one of the reasons being their over-friendliness. Being able to keep themselves entertained when left on their own is a big plus too, of course. Back in Scotland I liked the pine chip poo sand and never understood why anyone would buy the Fuller’s Earth clay stuff!

Photograph by lynx81.

Research results

Q1: Is your cat an indoor or outdoor cat? (Sample size=3,025)

100% indoor cat85.9%
Comes and goes as he pleases14.1%

Q2: Why did you choose to have a cat? (Sample size=3,025, multiple answer)

Like cats77.4%
Behaviour is cute54.1%
Just found him by chance33.5%
Don’t need to take for walkies31.0%
Cat purr is healing28.1%
Cats live at their own pace23.5%
Figure is elegant18.8%
Love the sound of their meowing17.6%
Can leave them alone in the house15.8%
Easy to house-train10.8%
Character is not clingy9.9%
Easy to keep in an apartment9.5%
Easy to look after7.6%

Q3: How long on average do you leave your cat home alone on weekdays? (Sample size=3,025)

More than 10 hours12.5%
7 to 9 hours30.1%
4 to 6 hours23.7%
2 to 3 hours14.3%
One hour or less3.6%
Almost always together14.3%

Q4: How many cats do you have? (Sample size=3,025)

Four or more10.5%

Q5: What do you wish you didn’t have to do, or cats didn’t do? (Sample size=3,025, multiple answer)

Cleaning up hair50.4%
Scratching furniture41.9%
Cleaning litter tray37.3%
Noisy at nighttime16.3%
Nothing in particular11.6%

Q6: Are you dissatisfied with your current cat litter tray? (Sample size=3,025)

Dissatisfied (to SQ)90.7%
Not dissatisfied9.3%

Q6SQ: What are you dissatisfied about? (Sample size=dissatisified owners, multiple answer)

Sand flying around the room65.5%
Little odour reduction effect41.0%
Sand sticks to cat’s paws37.8%
Changing sand is laborious30.7%
Tidying up after pee25.4%
Buying sand is inconvenient due to weight, bulk24.5%
Throwing away sand is laborious21.2%

Q7: What kind of cat litter sand do you use? (Sample size=3,025)

Fuller’s earth clay type26.2%
Paper type19.9%
System toilet19.2%
Wood chip based18.8%
Silica gel type5.2%
Sheet type1.7%
Don’t use cat sand0.9%

[Part 1][Part 2]

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