Will you sign up to SoftBank to use an iPhone? graph of japanese statisticsPerhaps I should temporarily rename the blog to “携帯 What Japan Thinks of the iPhone” since I’m joining in on the hype at every opportunity! This time it is JR Tokai Express Research Inc, as reported by japan.internet.com, carring out a survey into the iPhone.


On the 13th of June 2008 330 mobile phone-using members of the JR Tokai Express Research monitor panel employed in private industry completed a members-only internet-based questionnaire. 71.2% of the sample were male, 11.8% in their twenties, 44.5% in their thirties, 32.4% in their forties, 9.1% in their fifties, and 1.8% in their sixties.

In Q2, it is curious that 10 people selected SMS as a feature they wanted to use. The users of SMS are few indeed, I think (I can’t remember the last time mentioned it on this blog), as a full email service (including HTML these days) is standard on phones, and there’s no such thing as free SMS in most plans. Perhaps it’s just that a few people are curious to see what exactly the fuss is about?

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Research results

Q1: What carrier do you currently use? If more than one, answer with the one you use the most. (Sample size=330)

NTT DoCoMo 49.6%
au by KDDI 32.3%
SoftBank 22.6%
Willcom 5.2%
Other 1.2%

Of the sample, 248 knew of the iPhone, though it was not reported if that meant just knowledge of the name or knowing it in detail. Next, those 248 were asked if they wanted to use the iPhone, not implying purchasing, but perhaps just using one in a shop or playing with a friend’s. 18.5% said they definitely wanted to use one, and 39.9% said if possible they would. These 145 people expressing some interest in using it were then asked this question.

Q2: Other than voice, email and internet, which two features of the iPhone would you want to use? (Sample size=145, up to two answers)

  Votes Percentage
Music 108 74.5%
Video 65 44.8%
Maps 54 37.2%
Photos 24 16.6%
SMS 10 6.9%
Other 4 2.8%

At this point in the survey there seems to be a mistake – instead of the 248 above who knew about the iPhone, the sample size is 258. Of the 258, 56 people were with SoftBank and 202 with other carriers, making iPhone awareness just one percentage point (within the magin of error) lower amongst SoftBank customers. Both groups were asked for their thoughts regarding upgrading.

Q3: SoftBank customers: will you upgrade your current phone to an iPhone? (Sample size=56, SoftBank customers)

Think I’ll upgrade 7.1%
Think I’ll maybe upgrade 17.9%
Don’t really feel I’ll upgrade 39.3%
Don’t at all feel I’ll upgrade 8.9%
Don’t know 23.2%
Other 3.6%

Q4: Non-SoftBank customers: will you sign up to SoftBank to use an iPhone? (Sample size=202, non-SoftBank customers)

Use both current carrier and SoftBank 6.4%
Transfer to SoftBank 5.4%
Wait for current carrier to sell iPhone 20.8%
Want to use iPhone, but not enough to change carrier 31.7%
Don’t want to use iPhone 20.8%
Don’t know 11.9%
Other 3.0%

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