9% want a SoftBank 3G iPhone in Japan


Do you want a SoftBank iPhone? graph of japanese statisticsAlthough a survey last year showed that around 40% fancied an iPhone, now we have the first survey regarding the concrete release date to see if people are prepared to put their money where their mouths are. This survey was conducted by iShare and BlogCh and the topic was actually mobile phone battery changing, but since the iPhone doesn’t have a user-changeable battery pack, they shoehorned an iPhone question in.


Over the 5th and 6th of June 2008 402 members of the CLUB BBQ free email forwarding service completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 57.5% of the sample was male, 12.2% in their twenties, 43.5% in their thirties, 34.8% in their forties, and 9.5% in their teens or over fifty.

If you’ve read my recent estimate of monthly fees for a SoftBank iPhone you may be put off buying it, I suspect. I’ve had some criticism of my figures, but I wanted to choose 300 free minutes as a realistic figure, as that is just 10 minutes a day with free calls only to other SoftBank owners, and the X Series unlimited packet service at 9,800 yen a month is their Smartphone tariff, and although there is a sliding scale of charges, the upper limit of 52,500 packets per month is just 6.7 megabytes of data, or about 224 kilobytes per day, or just one page of many popular web sites, thus surely everyone will use their full allowance.

Research results

Q1: Who is your current mobile phone service provider? If more than one carrier, choose the one you use the most. (Sample size=402)

NTT DoCoMo39.8%
au by KDDI26.9%
E-Mobile, Willcom, etc6.5%
Don’t have a mobile phone3.9%

Q2: Do you want a SoftBank iPhone? (Sample size=402)

Plan to buy as main phone6.2%7.8%4.1%
Plan to buy as secondary phone2.7%4.3%0.6%
Don’t plan to buy91.0%87.9%95.3%

Q3: Are removable batteries better on mobile phones? (Sample size=402)

Have exchanged batteries: Not needed5.7%
Have exchanged batteries: Best to have41.8%
Have not exchanged batteries: Not needed17.2%
Have not exchanged batteries: Best to have35.3%

Curiously, women who had swapped batteries were less in favour of changeable batteries versus those who hadn’t.

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