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Have you ever accessed a URL in a radio advertisement? graph of japanese statisticsAbout the only radio I hear is when I visit the union shop at work and they have a radio playing in the background, but all the English radio idents grate on me! To find out about the habits of the average person, JR Tokai Express Research Inc performed a survey, reported on by, into radio.


Between the 8th and 10th of April 2008 330 members of the JR Tokai Express Research online monitor group successfully completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 53.3% of the sample was female, 2.4% were in their teens, 17.0% in their twenties, 38.2% in their thirties, 27.3% in their forties, 7.9% in their fifties, 6.7% in their sixties, and 0.6% aged seventy or older.

Note that digital radio started broadcasting on the 1st of December 2006. I’ve never listened to it, unless hire cars have had it, but even then it would never have been more than 20 seconds I listened for. In addition, since I almost never listen to the radio, I can’t recall ever hearing a URL or an email address on an advertisement.

Research results

From the sample, 230 people, or 69.7%, were radio listeners. They were asked the following questions.

Q1: Did you know that digital terrestrial radio broadcasts have started? (Sample size=230)

Yes, and have listened to them3.5%
Yes, but not listened to them30.0%
No, just heard the term1.7%
Don’t know it at all54.8%

Q2: Have you ever sent email to an email address in a radio advertisement? (Sample size=230)

Yes, often send email2.2%
Yes, have sent email22.6%
No, not sent email60.9%
Never heard an advertisement with an email address14.3%

Q3: Have you ever accessed a web address in a radio advertisement? (Sample size=230)

Yes, often access4.3%
Yes, have accessed29.6%
No, not accessed53.9%
Never heard an advertisement with a web address12.2%
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