What kind of CPU do you have in your main home computer? graph of japanese statisticsEven though I haven’t bought any new bits for my self-built home PC since I got married, I can still recite the key specs: 800 (or is it 900?) MHz Athlon, 80 GB hard disk, and 640 MB memory, although I can understand why there was so many don’t knows in this survey reported on by japan.internet.com and conducted by JR Tokai Express Research Inc into home computer specs.


Between the 11th and 13th of January 2008 330 members of the JR Tokai Express Research monitor panel employed in the public or private sector completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 57.3% of the sample was male (this figure is significantly lower than the usual 80% to 85% male percentage in other JR Tokai Express Research surveys of salaried workers), 21.2% in their twenties, 38.2% in their thirties, 25.2% in their forties, 5.8% in their fifties, and 9.7% in their sixties.

Note that in Q1 most people take part in these surveys through their home computers, so that figure cannot be extrapolated to cover the wider population. I am one of the 26.4% who share their home PC, but if I ever manage to make a decent amount of cash online, my first purchase will be a nice portable for myself, then perhaps a dockable for wifey.

Research results

Q1: Do you have a computer at home? (Sample size=330)

Yes (to SQs) 96.4%
No 3.6%

Q1SQ1: Do you have exclusive use of that computer at home? (Sample size=318)

Yes 73.6%
No, shared 26.4%

When asked when they bought it, the most common answer was three or four years ago, with 33.0% reporting thus. Next was 23.3% having bought two years ago, and 21.1% within the last year.

When asked about the brand of their main machine, tops was Fujitsu at 17.0%, Sony at 16.7%, NEC at 15.1%, and DELL at 9.1%.

When asked about the main operating system of their main machine, 74.5% were on Windows XP, 9.4% on Vista, and 6.9% on Mac OS X.

Now, onto the questions where we have full details of the answers.

Q1SQ2: What is the capacity of the hard disk on your main home computer? (Sample size=318)

Up to 50 gigabytes (GB) 12.9%
50 to 100 GB 18.9%
100 to 250 GB 18.2%
250 to 320 GB 6.0%
320 to 500 GB 6.0%
500 GB to 1 terabyte 3.1%
More than one terabyte 0.9%
Don’t know 34.0%

Q1SQ3: How much main memory do you have in your main home computer? (Sample size=318)

1 to 128 megabytes (MB) 1.9%
128 to 256 MB 7.9%
256 to 512 MB 20.8%
512 MB to 1 GB 21.7%
1 GB to 2 GB 19.2%
More than 2 GB 2.5%
Don’t know 26.1%

Q1SQ4: What kind of CPU do you have in your main home computer? (Sample size=318)

Core 2 series 8.8%
Pentium series 28.3%
Celeron series 25.5%
Athlon series 5.0%
PowerPC 1.6%
Other 4.4%
Don’t know 26.4%

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