One of my blogging New Year Resolutions is to network more – indeed just network full stop – so one way is to give something to the community of Japanese bloggers that doesn’t quite exist yet, despite some action towards that goal.

Some of you might have heard of JapanSoc, a digg-like social bookmarking thingie for Japan-related news stories, but it seems to be suffering from a lack of readers. So, in order to spread awareness of its existence and to increase the number of stories posted and therefore voted on and clicked-through to, I’ve written a small FeedBurner FeedFlare that puts a “JapanSoc It!” button at the bottom of each post.

If you as a blog publisher want to use it, sign up to both FeedBurner and JapanSoc if you haven’t already done so, then from your feed’s FeedBurner menu select the Optimize tab along the top, then the FeedFlare option on the left. Look for the edit field with the “Add New Flare” button beside it, and type into the box and press the button. Now, everyone who reads your feed will have the opportunity to submit your stories to JapanSoc.

This is an unofficial add-in and I’ve only previously hinted to Nick that I was doing something for his site! If you want to know why you should use it, Nick posted today on boosting traffic with JapanSoc. Oh, and perhaps Nick might like to make this suggested change to the submit.php page to handle resubmissions, or even do something like this.

If you as an RSS feed consumer want to use it, sign up to JapanSoc and whenever you see the “JapanSoc It!” button on a good story (like this one?) in your RSS reader, just press the button and submit it.

If you don’t use an RSS reader, try Google Reader for size.

Note that another similar site, TokyoGraph Link, doesn’t seem to support automation, so I cannot provide a widget for that.


Nick Ramsay · February 8, 2009 at 11:44

As of February 2009, a mirror of Ken’s JapanSoc FeedFlare is available at

Jamaipanese · February 8, 2009 at 22:52

I keep getting the error “could not find valid feedflare at that location” when i try adding it to my feed.

Jon Allen · May 26, 2009 at 22:38

Thank Ken. I finally got around to trying this out. I saw this on your feed and have been meaning to add it to my feed for a while.
Now I just need to get round to writing a post to check it works..
I keep getting distracted by Japansoc posts to write my own content. 🙁

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