Japan Culture Blog of the Year – runners up


Whilst I get in contact with the winners of each group, I’ll do mini-reviews of all the blogs that didn’t quite make it. Next up is the culture blogs

RSS icon RSS icon neomarxisme and clast: Despite two blogs for the price of one here, he just didn’t quite manage to get enough votes to win. His personal neomarxisme has sort-of wound down, with his work-sponsored clast taking up some of his blogging time – his other blogging home, neojaponisme also picks up fromwhere neomarxisme left off. His blog reminds me of a friend from school who used to write letters to our local newspaper about existentialism.

RSS icon Sushi Day: Not really a blog about Japan, but I thought it was such a colourful and nicely-designed blog it would be fun to introduce it to everyone. Many interesting sushi recipes with an American flavour; funnily enough, her latest post mentions that she has eaten raw fish sushi for her first time ever!

RSS icon No-sword: A blog about Japanese language, literature, culture, and art, as it describes itself. Another fascinating blog about little looked-at corners of Japan. This is the sort of blog that should have better exposure, so I hope that this goes some way to spreading its name around.

RSS icon ryuganji: he opening page is more magaziney than bloggish, which helps to highlight the very good use of photography to illustrate the stories. Lots of stuff on the side of Japanese cinema that doesn’t usually get touched upon in English.

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