Japan Humourous Blog of the Year – runners up


Whilst I get in contact with the winners of each group, I’ll do mini-reviews of all the blogs that didn’t quite make it. I’m sure there’s a word to describe this, but if I stare at “humourous” for too long the word just starts looking all strange and meaningless. Anyway, on with the show.

RSS icon The Hopeless Romantic and His Adventures in Japan (Claytonian@YouTube): I have to admit that I find personal videos hard to watch as I have a thing about seeing my own face, and somehow other people’s faces remind me of that. Also, for some reason my computer’s not playing the sound on the videos either. Sorry Claytonian, but I’ll review your actual blog instead! Lots of good stuff about his life in Japan; I liked and can identify with trying and failing to speak keigo!

RSS icon an englishman in osaka: Hey, that’s cool; if you search Google for an englishman in osaka, you – well, just try it and see. This blog is updated far less regularly than it should be, and his British sense of humour is spot on, for instance with this look at the new fingerprinting procedures.

RSS icon Gaijin Tonic: Another British blogger, this time drinking his way through life in Japan. Wonderfully silly stuff throughout!

RSS icon TV in Japan: Silly Japanese. YouTube. Copyright trampling. On TV. In Japan.

Today’s SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) lesson – the top two vote-getters called for votes through YouTube video broadcasts – perhaps this is a worthwhile way of promoting one’s blog.

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