Japan Serious Blog of the Year – runners up


Whilst I get in contact with the winners of each group, I’ll do mini-reviews of all the blogs that didn’t quite make it.

RSS icon Trans-Pacific Radio: In second place was the only PodCast I listen to, TPR. They cover Japanese politics in their core show, but also foray into business issues in BizCast Japan. I’m glad, I suppose, that they didn’t win as I’m such a big fan it would have seemed like a fix. Despite the Debito-supplied Duran Duran I listen to every show and you should too.

RSS icon Japan Probe: One of the top entertainment blogs on Japan, but one that also tries to educate. James has a great eye for a story and has amassed a good selection of contributors to the blog without losing focus. There’s so much good material that this is another must read site.

RSS icon JapanNewbie.com: This is a new-to-me blog, but the latest post today on Donald L Philippi was most interesting, and there’s a lot of other good content to be found. I’ve added this one to my reading list.

RSS icon Daily J: This blog is centred around Japan blogger interviews, and is trying to foster, no, make that build a Japanese blogger community, something I feel should exist, and I hope that this Japan Blog of the Year vote has somehow helped towards that goal. Oh yes, and about the Japan Blog Matsuri – I have an alternative yet cunning plan, and I’ll have to talk to you soon regarding one or the other matsuris!

On a side note, one thing I noticed about all four blogs is that their RSS feeds are well-hidden! Japan Newbie’s was the only one appearing above the fold (ie, appearing on the page without scrolling) although it does look a little lonely sitting all alone there; on the other hand Daily J does have a newsletter within easy reach.

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