Final reminder to vote and Japan blog mini-reviews: part 5


As promised, here are reviews of the blogs that didn’t make the cut for the First Annual (anyone wish to sponsor thm?) Japan Blog of the Year Awards, roughly in the order that they were nominated. Reviews of the candidates will take place after voting finishes. Please remember to vote by midnight tonight, Christmas Eve, and remember that all commenters on that thread will be eligible for a drawing for a small prize!

By popular demand, here are two more late nominees that came too late after the final cut had been made:

Gaijin Smash: A massive troll about life in Japan. It doesn’t do anything for me, but he seems to have a massive fan base. Give it a read, you’ll either love hit or hate it!

Kid Ethnic: The absolutely new-to-me blog is rather infrequently updated, but it fair tickles my fancy. This one on Shinjo flogging coffee made me laugh out lond!

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