Japan blog mini-reviews: part 2


As promised, here are reviews of the blogs that didn’t make the cut for the First Annual (perhaps) Japan Blog of the Year Awards, roughly in the order that they were nominated. Reviews of the candidates will take place after voting finishes. Please remember to vote, and remember that all commenters on that thread will be eligible for a drawing for a small prize!

Shisaku: Politics with a cynical edge.

Global Talk 21: Sketch-writer style blogging on Japanese politics. Very interesting, and another blog I’ve added to my RSS reader thanks to this.

Japan Economy News: Ken’s got a really interesting (only if you’re into economics, of course) blog regarding news of the Japanese economy, not surprisingly. Not everyone’s cup of tea I would guess, but he’s also got an excellent magazine-style template that I’m busy trying to win a free copy of! (They may not actually be the same template, but they look closely related)

The Hopeless Romantic: Random thoughts on living in Japan.

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