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Here is another detailed yet interesting poll conducted on behalf of the Cabinet Office Japan on the subject of diplomacy, in particular the points of diplomacy that the Japanese goverment itself finds important, and that they hope the populace do to.


Between the 4th and 14th of October 2007 3,000 adults from all over the country were randomly selected from the voter rolls to take part in this survey. 1,757 people, or 58.6%, were available and agreed to take part in face-to-face interviews. 52.4% were female, 9.3% in their twenties, 14.5% in their thirties, 18.3% in their forties, 22.3% in their fifties, 20.7% in their sixties, and 14.9% aged seventy or older. As an additional data point, 40.1% had never been abroad, 56.1% had been abroad for a short trip, and 3.9% had stayed in one country for more than three months.

This is a great survey, one of the most detailed I’ve seen for a while. It also features the first bit of blatent propaganda that I’ve seen in a Cabinet Office survey. Note in Q3 where I have mention ‘the so-called “Reparations”‘. This is actually a literal translation of the Japanese, いわゆる「過去の清算」, iwayuru “kako no seizan”, complete with quotation marks.

Q3 also shows nearly nine in ten interested in the North Korean kidnap victims, very different from my foreign friends, who are almost to a man (or a woman) sick fed up with the coverage of the issue and how Japanese petulance on this matter threatens to wreck much of the progress being made. I’d put a loony on the other side of the water armed to the back teeth with conventional and nuclear missiles much higher on my list of priorities. I also notice the lack of a question on how profits from pachinko are sometimes funnelled to the North Korean regime.

Research results

Q1A: Do you have friendly feelings towards the United States of America? (Sample size=1,757)

Feel friendly30.3%
Feel a little friendly45.4%
Don’t feel very friendly14.2%
Don’t feel friendly at all8.6%
Don’t know1.5%

Q1B: Do you have friendly feelings towards Russia? (Sample size=1,757)

Feel friendly1.7%
Feel a little friendly13.0%
Don’t feel very friendly45.9%
Don’t feel friendly at all35.7%
Don’t know3.7%

Q1C: Do you have friendly feelings towards China? (Sample size=1,757)

Feel friendly6.7%
Feel a little friendly27.3%
Don’t feel very friendly36.0%
Don’t feel friendly at all27.5%
Don’t know2.6%

Q1D: Do you have friendly feelings towards South Korea? (Sample size=1,757)

Feel friendly14.9%
Feel a little friendly39.9%
Don’t feel very friendly26.5%
Don’t feel friendly at all16.2%
Don’t know2.6%

Q1E: Do you have friendly feelings towards South-East Asia (Thailand, Indonesia, etc)? (Sample size=1,757)

Feel friendly9.0%
Feel a little friendly35.0%
Don’t feel very friendly31.6%
Don’t feel friendly at all18.3%
Don’t know6.0%

Q1F: Do you have friendly feelings towards the Indian Subcontinent (India, Pakistan, etc)? (Sample size=1,757)

Feel friendly4.0%
Feel a little friendly22.4%
Don’t feel very friendly40.8%
Don’t feel friendly at all26.4%
Don’t know6.5%

Q1F: Do you have friendly feelings towards Australia and New Zealand? (Sample size=1,757)

Feel friendly21.6%
Feel a little friendly40.3%
Don’t feel very friendly20.4%
Don’t feel friendly at all12.8%
Don’t know4.8%

Q2A: Do you think Japan’s current relationship with the United States of America is amicable? (Sample size=1,757)

A little amicable56.6%
Not very amicable16.7%
Not amicable at all83.6%
Cannot say either way1.2%
Don’t know2.1%

Q2B: Do you think Japan’s current relationship with Russia is amicable? (Sample size=1,757)

A little amicable20.4%
Not very amicable50.8%
Not amicable at all19.1%
Cannot say either way1.7%
Don’t know6.9%

Q2C: Do you think Japan’s current relationship with China is amicable? (Sample size=1,757)

A little amicable24.5%
Not very amicable45.6%
Not amicable at all22.3%
Cannot say either way1.7%
Don’t know3.9%

Q2D: Do you think Japan’s current relationship with South Korea is amicable? (Sample size=1,757)

A little amicable43.4%
Not very amicable33.0%
Not amicable at all12.1%
Cannot say either way1.1%
Don’t know3.9%

Q2E: Do you think Japan’s current relationship with South-East Asia (Thailand, Indonesia, etc) is amicable? (Sample size=1,757)

A little amicable44.8%
Not very amicable28.1%
Not amicable at all7.1%
Cannot say either way2.1%
Don’t know11.6%

Q2F: Do you think Japan’s current relationship with the Indian subcontinent (India, Pakistan, etc) is amicable? (Sample size=1,757)

A little amicable35.2%
Not very amicable36.8%
Not amicable at all9.8%
Cannot say either way2.3%
Don’t know12.5%

Q2G: Do you think Japan’s current relationship with Australia and New Zealand is amicable? (Sample size=1,757)

A little amicable51.5%
Not very amicable16.2%
Not amicable at all4.6%
Cannot say either way1.6%
Don’t know9.9%

Q3: Which of the following matters regarding North Korea are you interested in? (Sample size=1,757, multiple answer)

Japanese kidnappings problem88.7%
Nuclear problem75.1%
Missile problem58.0%
Political regime44.6%
Drug smuggling and other illegal activities44.1%
Food aid38.9%
Unidentified vessel problems36.7%
Negotiations to normalize diplomatic relations between Japan and North Korea30.7%
North-South issues26.8%
Visits of Japanese spouses to North Korea19.5%
Asylum seekers problem18.7%
The so-called “Reparations”18.5%
Trade and other economic exchange11.6%
Cultural exchange6.5%
Sports exchange6.1%
Nothing in particular3.2%
Don’t know0.6%

Q4: Do you think that the Foreign Ministry proactively informs the public on foreign policy or other aspects of their activities? (Sample size=1,757)

Think so2.4%
Think so to some extent19.6%
Don’t really think so49.0%
Don’t think so at all25.3%
Don’t know3.8%

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