Impending beer price hike in Japan


If the price of beer goes up, how will your drinking habits change? graph of japanese statisticsWith Kirin having previously announced a price rise in beer next February, and with Asahi today also making a similar announcement, it is timely to look at this survey conducted by goo Research in conjunction with the Yomiuri Shimbun into the rise in the price of beer.


Little demographic information was given for this survey, bar that 1,092 people over the age of 20 were interviewed at the start of November 2007. Not even the sample sizes for the questions were listed!

It may be interesting to compare the results of this survey with a recent one on the rise in instant ramen prices.

One thing I’ve never understood is that comparable beers from all the three big brewers are the same price, and they are sold at almost the same price everywhere from the largest megastore to the smallest vending machine. Surely they cannot be running a cartel?

Note that currently a 350 millilitre can of beer retails for about 207 yen from a convenience store.

Research results

Q1: What type of beer or beerlike drink do you drink the most at home?

Third-sector beer11%

Presumably those that don’t drink were eliminated from the results.

Q2: If the price of beer goes up, how will your drinking habits change?

Not change52%
Drink more happoshu20%
Drink more third-sector beer13%
Drink more of other types of alcohol8%
Reduce or quit drinking7%

Q3: Up to what price could you bear to see the price of a 350 millilitre can of beer increase to?

Up to 215 yen40%
Up to 230 yen26%
Up to 240 yen9%
Up to 250 yen18%
Up to 260 yen4%
Up to 300 yen3%
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