Few admit to being file sharers in Japan


Have you ever used P2P file sharing software? graph of japanese statisticsIt’s been a while since I last looked at P2P (Peer-to-Peer) software; although it is still a big issue in Europe and the USA with many organised piracy rings and individuals getting their collars felt for illegal file-sharing, what is the current situation in Japan, where government workers seem to have perfected the fine art of losing secret information through ill-configured file-sharing software? To find out some of the answers, japan.internet.com presented the results of a survey conducted by JR Tokai Express Research Inc into the use of Winny and other P2P filesharing software.


On the 13th of November 2007 330 members of the JR Tokai Express Research Inc’s online monitor pool employed in the private or public sector successfully completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 7.9% of the sample were in their twenties, 40.0% in their thirties, 34.8% in their forties, 12.7% in their fifties, and 4.5% in their sixties. The split of the sexes is not reported, but recent surveys by JR Tokai Express Research with samples taken from employed people have had around 82% male and 18% female respondents.

In Q1SQ3, I don’t know if the worry about infringing copyright is from the point of view of not wanting to deprive artists, or if it is due to a fear of being caught doing it, although the wording suggests its the stealing aspect that was considered when answering, not the subsequent chance of being arrested for possession.

In addition, only 3.4% complained about their connection speed, because as another recent survey shows, the vast majority of Japanese have fat pipes.

Research results

Q1: Have you ever used P2P file sharing software? (Sample size=330)

Yes, currently using (to SQ1, SQ2)3.6%
Used to use, but stopped (to SQ1, SQ2)16.7%
No, never used (to SQ3)52.7%
Don’t know what it is27.0%

Q1SQ1: What file sharing software have you used? (Sample size=67, multiple answer)

Win MX3247.8%
Don’t know34.5%

Q1SQ2: What kinds of files do/did you tend to download? (Sample size=67, multiple answer)

Still images2029.9%
User-generated contents710.4%

Q1SQ3: Why have you never used file sharing software? (Sample size=174, multiple answer)

Feel there’s a danger of leakage of personal information13879.3%
Feel there’s a danger of viruses12069.0%
Don’t feel it’s needed8548.9%
Worried about infringing copyright4123.6%
Have slow connection63.4%
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