Do you use an SNS? graph of japanese statisticsI’m still actually to sign up to any SNS so please don’t ask me for mixi invites, although recently I nearly joined MySpace due to hearing about some punk from my school days. To find out how the average Japanese ends up on mixi or other SNSs (Social Networking Services), reported on a survey conducted by goo Research, their 9th regular survey on SNS.


Between the 1st and 4th of October 2007 1,086 members of goo Research’s internet monitor group successfully completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 53.0% of the sample was male, 16.5% in their teens, 18.4% in their twenties, 21.1% in their thirties, 16.1% in their forties, 15.8% in their fifties, and 12.1% aged sixty or older.

I’ve been skipping recent editions of this survey as the reported statistics have not been terribly interesting. However, this time I think the data is worth reporting. I find it interesting that nearly two-thirds of the current users have not actually invited anyone else to join, although given the fact that mixi is so well-established as the market leader, like a pyramid scheme once the market is saturated those at the bottom run out of people to invite as most people who are interested in joining have already joined, perhaps.

Research results

Q1: Do you use an SNS? (Sample size=1,086)

Yes, currently do (to SQs) 27.9%
No, but used to 9.2%
No, but know what it is 43.2%
Don’t know what an SNS is 19.7%

This figure for current users is down 2.3% percentage points from last month’s survey.

Q1SQ1: Why do you use an SNS? (Sample size=303, multiple answer)

  Votes Percentage
Communicate with friends and family 193 63.7%
Gather information 129 42.6%
Find people with the same hobbies 125 41.3%
No particular reason, just to fill time 116 38.3%
Record my own diary, photos 95 31.4%
Business reasons (including advertising, etc) 15 5.0%
Other 1 0.3%

Q1SQ2: Who invited you to join an SNS? (Sample size=303, multiple answer)

  Votes Percentage
Friends from school, university days 140 46.2%
Internet friends 88 29.0%
Ex-co-workers 37 12.2%
Family, relatives 25 8.3%
Current co-workers 23 7.6%
Other 41 13.5%

Q1SQ3: Who have you invited to join an SNS? (Sample size=303, multiple answer)

  Votes Percentage
Friends from school, university days 112 37.0%
Internet friends 58 19.1%
Current co-workers 32 10.6%
Ex-co-workers 31 10.2%
Family, relatives 22 7.3%
Other 14 4.6%
No-one 191 63.0%


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