Japanese engineers overwhelmingly use Microsoft Office, most two versions behind


Which office suite do you mainly use at your place of work? graph of japanese statisticsIf one hangs out at places like slashdot for too long one gets the impression that almost all the software engineers usually use free office suites such as OpenOffice.org, and only resort to Microsoft Word and friends under threats of physical violence from pointy-haired bosses. However, that is the USA; what about Japan and the average engineer? To find out, japan.internet.com reported on a survey recently conducted by JR Tokai Express Research Inc into office suite software.


On the 18th of August 2007 330 IT engineers involved in software development, system development and system management completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 96.4% of the sample was male, 1.2% in their twenties, 26.7% in their thirties, 59.1% in their forties, 12.7% in their fifties and 0.3% in their sixties. This sample seems to have a definite case of “metabo” (“metabolic syndrome”, or more simply a lot of fat around the middle!); JR Tokai Express does have a middle management bias, but only 1.2% in their twenties seems extremely low.

Back in May I translated another similar survey on office suite usage in the public and private sectors, where we saw 97.1% used Microsoft Office, a very similar figure to the one reported below when looking at just the IT engineering segment, a perhaps counter-intuitive result.

Research results

Q1: Do you use Microsoft Office or other office suite at your place of work? (Sample size=330)

Yes (to SQ1)99.4%
Don’t know0.3%

Q1SQ1: Which office suite do you mainly use at your place of work? (Sample size=328)

Microsoft Office (to SQ2)97.9%
Star Office1.2%
JUST Suite0.6%
Google Apps0.0%
Kingsoft Office0.0%
Don’t know0.0%

Q1SQ2: Which version of Microsoft Office do you use at your place of work? (Sample size=321)

Office 1.5 (Word 5.0, etc)0.0%
Office 4.3 (Word 6.0, etc)0.0%
Office 95 (Word 95, etc)0.0%
Office 97 (Word 97, etc)0.6%
Office 2000 (Word 2000, etc)27.4%
Office XP (Word XP, etc)26.5%
Office System 2003 Editions (Word 2003, etc)40.5%
Office System 2007 Editions (Word 2007, etc)4.7%
Don’t know0.3%

Q1SQ4: Does your place of work have plans to upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Office? (Sample size=295, those not running the latest version)

Don’t know31.8%
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