Does your cell phone have One Seg television functionality? graph of japanese statisticsRecently I’ve been seeing more and more people watching One Seg television broadcasts (digital terrestrial television) on their cell phones, particularly in trains. Whether this apparent increase in popularity is due to more One Seg-ready phones being sold, or whether it is a function of people now feeling comfortable watching television on the train, I don’t really know. To learn more about what the average person thinks regarding this matter, MyVoice conducted a survey on this topic of mobile phone One Seg functions.


Over the first five days of August 2007 12,404 members of the MyVoice online community successfully completed an online survey. 54% of the sample was female, 2% in their teens, 17% in their twenties, 39% in their thirties, 28% in their forties, and 14% in their fifties.

As mentioned in the introduction, I see more people watching their phones, so I am beginning to want to do the same myself, not because I find Japanese television that interesting most of the time, it’s just that I feel somewhat left out these days! My next phone upgrade isn’t due until perhaps next Spring, and if I can’t get a suitable handset under 10,000 yen I’ll just not bother!

Oh, and what is One Seg anyway? I know that it is short for One Segment, but wait while I look up the detailed meaning… Ahh, here’s a good explanation from Pink Tentacle about what it really means.

Research results

Q1: Which cell phone provider to you currently use? If you have multiple providers, choose your main one. (Sample size=12,404)

DoCoMo (to SQ1) 42.9%
au (to SQ1) 27.7%
SoftBank (to SQ1) 20.5%
WILLCOM (to SQ1) 2.6%
Other (to SQ1) 0.6%
Don’t have a mobile phone 5.7%

Q1SQ1: Does your cell phone have One Seg television functionality? (Sample size=cell phone users)

Yes (to SQ2) 14.4%
No 83.4%
Don’t know 1.8%
No answer 0.3%

Q1SQ2: Where do you watch your cell phone’s One Seg television? (Sample size=One Seg television-capable cell phone owners, multiple answer)

Train, bus, other public transport (to SQ3, SQ4, SQ5) 39.1%
Waiting room, other outdoor locations (to SQ3, SQ4, SQ5) 38.4%
In own room, other locations at home (to SQ3, SQ4, SQ5) 25.5%
At work, in school, etc (to SQ3, SQ4, SQ5) 16.4%
In restaurants, etc (to SQ3, SQ4, SQ5) 11.1%
While walking (to SQ3, SQ4, SQ5) 9.9%
In kitchen (to SQ3, SQ4, SQ5) 4.6%
In bath (to SQ3, SQ4, SQ5) 2.8%
Other (to SQ3, SQ4, SQ5) 6.1%
Hardly ever watch One Seg television 22.9%
No answer 0.4%

Q1SQ3: In what style do you often watch your cell phone One Seg television watching? (Sample size=cell phone One Seg television watchers, multiple answer)

Easy-to-view horizontal orientation 71.3%
Usual vertical orientation 19.0%
Twisted via AQUOS hinge, ball joint – phone vertical, screen horizontal 15.7%
Placed in stand 8.6%
Other 0.6%
No particular fashion 3.7%
No answer 0.9%

Q1SQ4: For how long per session do you watch your cell phone One Seg television? (Sample size=cell phone One Seg television watchers)

Up to 10 minutes 29.8%
Up to 30 minutes 49.8%
Up to 1 hour 17.2%
Up to 2 hours 1.9%
More than 2 hours 0.9%
No answer 0.4%

Q1SQ5: What functions of your cell phone One Seg television do you use? (Sample size=cell phone One Seg television watchers, multiple answer)

Program guide 33.7%
Data transmission (interactive TV) 32.1%
Live recording functions 22.5%
Connecting to program web site 17.6%
Timer-based recording functions 9.7%
Timer-based viewing functions (On timer?) 5.6%
Off timer function 3.9%
Other 15.1%
No answer 6.1%

Q2: Would you like to use a One Seg television-capable cell phone in the future? (Sample size=12,404)

Definitely want to use 14.5%
Want to use 22.5%
Can’t say either way 33.0%
Don’t want to use 9.7%
Definitely don’t want to use 10.5%
Don’t know 6.3%
No answer 3.6%


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