Ahh, coffee! I really love a good cup of coffee, but if I drink more than one cup a day the caffeine affects my sleep patterns. I can get away with many cups of tea, though; it’s just coffee’s (and dark chocolate’s, and gyokuro green tea’s) caffeine that does me in. Anyway, MyVoice took a look at the role of coffee in everyday life to see what the average Japanese thinks.


Over the first five days of August 2007 12,126 members of the MyVoice online community successfully completed an online survey. 54% of the sample was female, 2% in their teens, 17% in their twenties, 39% in their thirties, 28% in their forties, and 14% in their fifties.

I’ve looked at coffee consumption before, but hopefully this survey sheds some new light on the subject. Note that Q1 describes the most often drunk type, so perhaps those who drink canned coffee on the way to work, for instance, also down instant or filter coffee at the office, thus resulting in the poor showing for canned coffee in the results?

There’s a new advertisement out for Wonda Morning Shot canned coffee out now, so I tried my hand at uploading it to YouTube, so hopefully this works for you all. It features the famous director Akira Kurosawa, mounted samurai hordes, and a rush-hour train.


Go here if you are having YouTube problems to see the original – it’s my first go at uploading anything to YouTube.

Research results

Q1: Which kind of coffee do you drink the most? (Sample size=12,126)

“Regular” coffee 34.5%
Instant coffee 31.1%
Can coffee 15.1%
Bottled coffee 5.2%
Chilled cup coffee 2.8%
Don’t drink coffee 11.3%

Note that “regular” coffee covers everything from single cup filters to espresso via pots bubbling on a stove.

Q2: At that times of the day do you often drink coffee? (Sample size=coffee drinkers, multiple answer)

Before 6 am 2.1%
6 am to 7 am 12.3%
7 am to 8 am 27.8%
8 am to 9 am 22.2%
9 am to 10 am 18.2%
10 am to 11 am 22.2%
11 am to 12 am 8.0%
12 noon to 1 pm 21.5%
1 pm to 2 pm 18.3%
2 pm to 3 pm 15.0%
3 pm to 4 pm 34.6%
4 pm to 5 pm 11.5%
5 pm to 6 pm 9.8%
6 pm to 7 pm 9.3%
7 pm to 8 pm 10.2%
8 pm to 9 pm 12.7%
9 pm or later 15.7%
No answer 0.1%

Q3: How much coffee do you drink? (Sample size=coffee drinkers)

Two or more cups a day 51.6%
One cup a day 24.4%
Five or six cups per week 3.5%
Three or four cups per week 6.2%
One or two cups per week 6.5%
Three or four cups per month 4.2%
Hardly ever drink any 2.9%
No answer 0.6%

Q4: Where do you often drink coffee? (Sample size=coffee drinkers, up to three answers)

At home 79.5%
At work 47.0%
At chain coffee shop 24.5%
At traditional coffee shop (kissaten) 12.1%
At restaurant 11.9%
At fast food shop 11.2%
At cafe 9.4%
At school 2.3%
Other 7.9%
No answer 0.2%

Q5: How fussy are you about coffee? (Sample size=coffee drinkers)

Extremely fussy 4.2%
A little fussy 32.1%
Can’t say either way 27.3%
Not really very fussy 29.0%
Not fussy at all 7.5%


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