What Japan thinks your brain is made of


There’s been a terrible electrical storm here tonight, so no time to translate, so instead here’s a fun wee site called 脳内メーカー, Nounai me-ka-, or to translate literally, Brain Insides Maker that I saw on television a wee while ago, but due perhaps to overwhelming popularity, I’ve been unable to access it until recently. Based on your name, this site diagnoses what your brain consists of. To illustrate, here is me, Ken Y-N:

Ken Y-N'sの脳内イメージ

The blue kanji around the outside are worries, and the solitary purple character in the middle is my crime.

You can also diagnose compatability in couples. Here is perhaps the most famous Japanese (well, she’s ex-Japanese now) and gaijin pairing, John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s brains:

John LennonとYoko Onoの脳内イメージ

The blue front of John’s brain is his wants, the gold pushed to the back is money, and the mass of purple Hs are for hentai, or perversion. Yoko’s brain, on the other hand, is full of nothing.

Other options are to find out your brain in a previous existence and what fetishs you might have. The site also works from mobile phones, but you might have to squint a bit to make out the pictures on them.

UPDATE: Mari’s diary also posted about Brain Maker, including a translation of all the kanji used to help those of you who can’t read Japanese.

PS: Just a quick reminder that you might also like to visit the not as impressive as the above My Buddhist Name for some Buddhism-related sillyness from me.

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